7 great cities to work in as an au pair

Exploring life in a foreign city as an au pair is just one of the many advantages. However, it's essential to remember: each country holds treasures beyond its capital and bustling metropolises!

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If you are a European citizen, it is the ideal way to spend your summer or gap year since you can move between countries without needing a work or travel visa. However, if you aren’t an EU member, we would urge you not to let this put you off travelling abroad since there are a number of easily attainable working holiday or au pair visas that can have you on your way in no time!


The opportunity to live in London (for free) is definitely worth leaping for. With the extraordinary high rental prices in the city, what better chance to explore England’s capital than whilst you have free board with your au pair job. The London Eye, Buckingham Palace and Red Buses are just the surface of this diverse city. With the unique shopping in Camden Market, exclusive city bars and exotic cuisine, there is a plethora of exciting ways to spend your weekends in London. You’ll never be bored in the city with the number of friendly faces and travellers looking to meet new people and journey together.
Even with a small budget you can do many things in London. 


Working as an au pair in Madrid gives you a fantastic opportunity to improve your Spanish skills. Living in with a Spanish speaking family means you will be surrounded by the language and pick up the lingo in no time! As the city of Madrid is usually incredibly hot during the summer, locals tend to stay indoors through the daytime and venture outdoors in the evenings. You will no doubt find your nights spent on rooftop bars, enjoying the cool summer breeze and soaking up the exotic atmosphere in the city.
Madrid is not just beautiful during the day. It also offers great things to do in the evening.  


If you are looking to change up your lifestyle, Sydney could be just the move you need. This is a city offering perfectly sunny weather and sandy beaches, meaning you can spend your days soaking up vitamin D and exploring coastal locations such as Bondi Beach. Another perk of au pairing in Sydney is the competitive salaries they offer which should keep you afloat enough to properly discover the treasures of this beautiful city.


If the tapas aren't enough to convince you that Malaga is the ideal destination for your au pair work, we don’t know what is! The classic Mediterranean diet based on olive oil, fruit and veg, and fish is highly recognised for its quality and should keep you truly content during your time in Malaga. On top of this, what better way to wind down your day of au pairing than with a trip to the beach? Heading to the coast with a couple of beers and a barbeque will become your daily routine, especially with the sunny weather keeping the nights lit for your convenience...
Helen told us about her au pair experience in Malaga.  


Riding your bike from A to B will soon become a daily habit as you fit into the Amsterdam lifestyle. Get ready for the hundreds of canal photos that will take over your instagram and the constant questions about “coffee shops” from your elderly relatives. Being an au pair in the Netherlands means you will have a whirlwind adventure in your spare time, with chances to visit neighbouring countries and cities.


It can be argued that Sweden is a country offering the best of both worlds, with beautifully sunny summers, and cool icy winters perfect for skiing. Stockholm is a multicultural and modern city with a number of perfect districts for young students. As an au pair, what better place to spend your summer than in Södermalm, with its hip cafés and eclectic breakfast spots. With the chance to travel around the homeland of IKEA on your weekends and spend your evenings drinking cocktails on waterside bars, we would recommend Stockholm as a top destination for your au pairing experience.
Of course, Sweden has many other great places besides Stockholm. Discover 4 secret tips for au pairs in Sweden.  


Filled with history and culture, Berlin is a city brimming with quirky fashionistas and hipster bars. With a diverse nightlife, as an au pair in Germany you will certainly never be short of late night activities or places to grab a drink. If you are interested in learning a new language, there is the chance to take up German courses in your spare time and add something extra to your CV. Host mum Liliam lives with her family in Berlin and talks about her various experiences with past au pairs.


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