Best plans for Madrid in the evening

Our colleague Sara comes from Madrid and she knows that Madrid can be very hot in the summer. City natives usually stay indoors during the day to avoid the heat, but everyone wants to enjoy the evening breeze outdoors. Keep reading to discover the five best plans for such hot summer days.

Templo de Debod
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If you are an au pair in Madrid or just there as a tourist visiting, there are certain activities you do not want to miss during the summer months. These plans can be a perfect way to end your day in the evening, and we locals do them so it can be a great way to integrate yourself into the Madrilian culture. 

1. Rooftops in the city centre

Relax and meet with friends whilst enjoying a drink and amazing views of the city skyline. Some of my favourite rooftop locations are:

  • Círculo de Bellas Artes (Subway stop: Banco de España)
  • Mercado de San Antón (Subway stop: Chueca)
  • Gymage (Subway stop: Callao)
  • Hotel Room Marte Oscar (Subway stop: Chueca)
  • Gourmet Experience El Corte Inglés (Subway stop: Callao)

2. Free entrance in the Prado Museum

Get to know a great collection of art masterpieces for free. From Monday to Saturday there is free entrance at the Prado Museum from 6 to 8 pm (Sundays and holidays from 5 to 7 pm).

3. Retiro Park

Retiro is the green spot of the city. Get some shadow beneath a tree, find the crystal palace or rent a boat in the lake. These three options are perfect for evading the noisy city and the heat

4. Sunset at Templo de Debod

This place has some of the most amazing views of the city at sunset. Take a stroll first or afterwards from the Royal Palace. The light at this hour is just breathtaking, so don't forget your camera!

5. Go swimming!

One of the big disadvantages in Madrid is the lack of a beach, but there are plenty of swimming pools in the city and outskirts to compensate for that! The best part of it? They all open until 9 pm! In this blog you will find a good list of all of them!


Do you live in another city and also have ideas for interesting activities for visitors? Contact us and tell us about your best plans in your city of origin or host city! We will be more than happy to share them with the AuPairWorld community!