Working Holiday Visa

The Working Holiday Maker is a bilateral programme. It enables young persons from Argentina, Australia, Chile, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, Taiwan and Uruguay to work in Germany.

What exactly is the Working Holiday Maker programme?

Under the Working Holiday Maker programme, young persons from specific countries aged between 18 and 30 years may enter Germany to live and work there for a limited period of time. For this purpose, they get a Working Holiday visa.

Please note:
Young people who are in Germany with the Working Holiday Maker Visa do not officially have the status of an au pair, but of an employee, and there apply other rules regarding the contract with the host family. The Holiday Maker programme focuses on travelling rather than on working. Depending on the relevant home country, it is possible that an au pair may not work for the same employer throughout his or her entire stay. Therefore, you should ask the German Embassy about this matter to be on the safe side.

Who is entitled to apply under this programme?

Young persons from Argentina, Australia, Chile, Hong Kong, Israel, JapanNew Zealand, South Korea, Taiwan and Uruguay are entitled to apply for this visa with the respective German authorities. For more information please contact the competent authority.

How does it work?

The Working Holiday visa can be issued only once in your life. Note: Under this programme, there is a fixed age limit that may not be exceeded. Au pairs from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan should be at least 18 years of age but not yet have turned 31 at the time of application. For Canadian citizens, there is an age limit of 35 years.

Which documents does an applicant need for the application?

  • a completed visa application form
  • a valid passport; the validity should extend the duration of stay by at least 3 months
  • a recent biometric passport photo (35 x 45 mm)
  • a copy of your return flight ticket or a confirmed flight reservation (round trip)
  • proof of medical insurance
  • proof of sufficient money to afford your stay

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