Who pays for the au pair's travel expenses?

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In most countries travel costs must be paid for by the au pair. Please read the information about which regulations apply in your host country.

Suggestions for host families

The au pair's journey to your family: Even if you want or have to pay a part or the whole expenses of the au pair's travel costs, we strongly recommend not sending money (or tickets) to the au pair in advance. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that money is sent and the au pair never arrives. Please reimburse the travelling expenses only after the au pair's arrival.

Many families wish to employ an au pair from a far-away country, "exotic" according to their opinion. But they do not bear in mind that the average monthly income of a family in those countries is very low. When choosing your au pair, please take into consideration that your au pair has to pay for his/her flight costs. Even though it may be difficult for your au pair to pay for the flight ticket due to the average income in those countries, do not make any advance payments.

The au pair's return journey: If you are satisfied with your au pair, we recommend that you pay the costs of the return journey.

Suggestions for au pairs

Far-away countries can have a special attraction. But do you have enough money to go there? You need to be able to pay for travel expenses as well as language courses by yourself.

Special rules for USA !!

Au pairs who want to go to an American host family in the USA have to contact a designated agency. Please read our information on regulations for au pairs and host families in the USA.