English host families have a great chance of finding an au pair for the summer

(16 May 2013) Our front-runner: According to our statistics, Great Britain is the most popular host country among summer au pairs. Therefore, this is just the right time of the year for British families to search for their summer au pairs. 

 Being a summer au pair in an english-speaking country

The UK: The most popular host country among summer au pairs

Host families from Great Britain have particularly good chances of finding au pairs for the summer months. According to our statistics, more than 2,300 young persons plan to travel to the UK to work as au pairs in 2013. Thus, the United Kingdom is clearly the most popular host country among summer au pairs registered on AuPairWorld. So, dear families living in the UK: Maybe you wish to have a great start by inviting a summer au pair to learn more about this unique type of childcare?

Host families: It truly pays to invite a summer au pair

The advantages are more than obvious: while you are at work, your children are well looked after in their familiar surroundings. Even after work, you can take your time to say hello to your children. There is no need to hurry to get your housework done, as your au pair lends you a helping hand, taking over light household tasks. In turn, the boy or girl is entitled to receive free board and lodging, as well as a fixed amount of pocket money. However, most of all, your au pair wishes to learn more about your culture and improve his or her knowledge of English during the stay with you. Your family will also benefit from the placement, learning more about your au pair's culture and language during this period of time.

Ireland is the front-runner with regard to the ratio of host families to the number of inhabitants 

Host families from Ireland also have good opportunities of finding a summer au pair for 2013: statistically, there are almost four au pairs for each host family. In this context, however, it is important to say that Ireland generally is the front-runner when it comes to host families in search of au pairs, as measured by the country's number of inhabitants. We would be glad for our users, if a similar number of UK families would discover the au pair placement as a great solution for childcare and cultural exchange.  

Au pair in Great Britain and Ireland

Au pairs need to take note primarily, of the holiday periods in their host families' regions, rather than their own countries. During the summer holidays, many host families particularly, need a helping hand with childcare. In the UK and Ireland, holiday periods are subject to the families' places of residence. However, they are roughly from early or late July until September. In Ireland, young persons particularly have good chances of finding a host family, as most au pairs tend to choose the UK as a host country. However, they will be able to brush up their English skills just as well as in Britain and discover a marvellous landscape at the same time.

Summer au pair in Australia, New Zealand or the USA?

The USA, Australia and New Zealand are certainly fantastic countries, which allow their visitors to embark on great adventures. However, they do not present good options for EU au pairs when it comes to a summer placement. Visiting au pairs on a Working Holiday visa for Australia and New Zealand, may only apply for this document once in his or her lifetime. In the USA, it is officially not permitted to work as an au pair for less than 12 months. The travel costs for these countries are also considerably higher than for EU countries. Therefore, such a destination would be more suitable for a longer stay if you intend to choose one of those countries for your au pair stay. 

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