What will you be doing with your host children over the Christmas season?

Soon it will be Christmas and your host children are most probably very much looking forward to it. What are you doing with them over the Christmas season? Are you baking Christmas biscuits, building snowmen or sharing your own traditions from your home country? Simply send us your reply using the form below. We are looking forward to your contributions. AuPairWorld wishes you a great Christmas season!

These are your replies:

"At Christmas time, when everything seems magic, we can make postcards and fancywork. We can learn a holiday song or a theatre scene. We can go sledging. And visit a circus or..." Au pair Diane, from the Ukraine more

"Con la ilusión de estas fiestas que tanto nos gustan, la tradición en mi casa la empezamos, en primer lugar, colgando un Papá Noel de la ventana con las luces..." Au pair Carolina, from Spain more

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