Brexit update for au pairing: Business as usual with question marks

At the moment EU citizens can still come to the UK for an au pair stay without special provisions and will be able to stay until 30 June 2021. Arrangements for au pair stays beginning after 31 December 2020 are currently unclear. 

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The UK has voted to leave the EU as of 31 December 2020 - this is old Brexit news. What is presently unclear is what impact this will have on trade and immigration arrangements between the EU and the UK after this date. Currently no agreement is in place to regulate relations after this time.

Next steps

A new and intense phase of negotiations between the EU and UK is therefore now getting started in earnest - with online meetings scheduled between UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and various EU institution leaders  in the week of 15 June 2020. Experts are not expecting any quick breakthroughs, but the deadline is coming and decisions will have to be made.

Au pairing the UK - Sign the petition

Of course, au pairing is not the main focus of these negotiations. But for thousands of UK families and European young people who want to continue to take part in the au pairing experience, this is an important matter that urgently needs clarification.

The #SAVEAUPAIRS campaign is an initiative to push the UK government to live up to assurances it has made and provide a concrete post-Brexit solution to make au pairing possible for European young people in the UK. As of mid-June 2020, more than 25,000 people have signed the petition to save the UK au pair program.

You can also show your support by clicking on the link below:

To the petition for UK au pairing

Au pairing in the UK right now

Experts predict that the negotiations for a final trade and immigration relationship between the UK and EU will go to the very last minute towards the end of this year. This brinkmanship unfortunately leaves families and au pairs in an unclear situation for their mid-term planning. Of course, we all hope that a clear and convenient arrangement will soon be made to facilitate au pairing.

For right now, however, it continues to be possible for EU citizens to go to the UK and have an au pair stay there. Even without any new formal arrangements to allow for au pairing, EU citizens who are in the UK will be allowed to remain there until 30 June 2021 without making further arrangements.

At that time under the current provisions, it will be necessary for EU citizens to submit an application under a new EU Settlement Scheme if they wish to remain in the UK. This scheme is basically not suitable for au pairs. It is intended for persons wishing to remain in the UK on a long-term basis. The application deadline of 30 June 2021 does give EU au pairs six months longer to be in the UK - even without a new formal status. After this time, it will be essential for au pairing to have a new basis in the UK.

So take a minute and sign the petition (above). Let's get this fixed!