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Expand your learning toolkit with a language app

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For au pairs, a language learning app can bring big benefits

Before your stay begins

  • With the app you strengthen your skills and get off to the best possible start in the new language environment of your host country.

During your stay

  • The app is always there to let you review and expand your vocabulary and practice whenever you have a few moments free.

After you return home 

  • Learning doesn't stop -  with the app you can keep your new language skills up to date and ready for further use.

With more than 10 million subscriptions sold, the Babbel software gets top ratings for its fast, practical learning approach.


Learn fast with with Babbel's top tools

With Babbel you learn how to handle real, everyday situations in your new language and host country. You get practical, useful skills that you can apply right away − and quickly meet your goal of having real-world conversations and handling a variety of new situations in your host country.  


Perfect for au pairs with big plans

Super flexible, Babbel gives you everything you need for language learning on your mobile or laptop. It lets you work on all your key communication skills - speaking, listening, writing. And the progress that you make is yours to keep - ready for all your international adventures.


Make an investment in YOU!

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The Babbel app is not for free. But with the special AuPairWorld discount and a one-year subscription, the cost per month is about €4.50 – not much more than a fancy cup of coffee!

For that, you’re prioritising your future as a global citizen – developing skills that will give you a whole new world of opportunities: to travel better, to work better, to meet new people and have new experiences.

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