5 "Must-Eats" for any au pair in the UK

A great way to really get to know your surroundings in Great Britain is with some some hearty traditional food. Here are tasty suggestions from the local experts at StudentJob UK.  

Fish and Chips Restaurant on Cleethorpes pier
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Fish n Chips

You may find fish and chips in plenty of other countries. However, the classic UK ‘fish n chips’ with a crisp batter and fresh fish is undeniably the best. You can get this speciality meal in nearly every town or village in the UK, but if you can get your hands on them at a chippy shop by the seaside, you really can taste the difference of freshly caught fish. 

As well as the usual fish n’ chips, you can get a variety of other foods at most chip shops. From sausages and burgers to scampi and fishcakes - and they never go light on portion sizes. If you are in Scotland, be sure to try out a battered Mars Bar - a very strange, but delicious dessert.

Make sure to drown everything in salt and vinegar; it wouldn’t be the same without it! 

Where to enjoy: Britannia @ The Beach in Beesands, Devon. Great reviews and located in a cosy seaside village with a handful of cottages and pubs. 

Roast Dinner

If you are looking for something a bit heavier and heart-warming, then you can’t go wrong with a Sunday Roast at a country pub. Tasty meat, vegetables and Yorkshire puddings are all smothered in thick gravy - what’s not to like? A Sunday roast is a tradition in any UK family for a get-together and to enjoy some good grub! There's a good chance your host family will get around to serving something like this during your stay. 

Where to get a roast on your own? At the restaurant and pub Victoria Park in Bristol is one possibility; though any pub in the UK will do! With locally sourced food at the forefront of their menu, this elegant and homely gastropub serves one of the best roast dinners in the UK. 

Full English Breakfast Fry-up

This all-day breakfast meal is not one to be missed, if only because just about every food place has one on their menu. You simply can’t beat the traditional breakfast of bacon, eggs (of your choice), beans, mushrooms, tomatoes, sausages, hash browns, black pudding. Is your mouth watering yet? 

Get yourself down to any country pub, cafe, or brunch establishment, and you are sure to have one of your best breakfasts yet. This is also an excellent start for any day of sightseeing - enough calories to walk up and down Snowden.

Where to dig into a fry up? At the Polo Bar, London. Served 24/7!

Afternoon Tea

Tea rooms are a quintessential part of English food culture, dating back to the mid-19th century. As well as a pot of tea, they offer high-pleasure foods that will leave you craving for more: scones, cakes, and handmade finger sandwiches. 

If you go for afternoon tea, then don’t forget to add the clotted cream to your freshly baked scones. You can even try to settle the long-fought debate between Cornwall and Devon, of whether you prefer jam on cream (the Devonshire way), or cream on jam (the Cornish way) on top of your scones. 

If you are feeling extra fancy, then you can usually get a glass or two of bubbly with your tea!

Where to experience afternoon tea? At Bettys in York. Excellent tea and scones and let us not forget delicious homemade cakes.

Cornish Pasty

When visiting the South-West, it would be a pity not to enjoy a Cornish pasty. This is probably the cheapest food item on our list but by no means the least worthy. The bursting pastry case is a hearty meal filled with mouthwatering meat and veggies.

In the 19th century, the wives of Cornish tin miners would prepare these meals for their husbands and children who worked in the mines. The all-in-one meals provided homely food which was ideal for carrying. This started the legacy of the Cornish pasty that we now all know and love. 

Of course, it is only a Cornish pasty if it is made in Cornwall, but if you’re not able to find the real deal, then a beef and vegetable pasty from Greggs (a chain bakery in the UK with approx. 1,800 shops) is one way to fix your hunger.

Cooking at home

Wherever you are in the UK, whether you are looking for a cafe or a pub, you won’t have to travel far to get your hands on some real English grub. And when you're at home with your host family and looking to cook something that is simple and delicious and not too expensive, we also have some ideas for cheap meals to make yourself.  The main thing: Don’t be afraid to really get involved with English cuisine - we promise it won’t disappoint! 

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