2,000 pictures sure to get you packing your suitcase!

We received more than 2,000 pictures for our Instagram contest #aupairingis – over 2,000 glimpses into the exciting lives of real au pairs as they travel the world. The winning pictures are shown below:


Saskia in Iceland
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Are you already itching to set out on your next trip? After you've seen the pictures from our Instagram Contest, you'll be sure to have the travel bug as well. For us on the AuPairWorld team, the list of "Places to See" definitely has grown a lot.

We wanted to find out: What is au pairing really like for you?

Over 2,000 pictures highlighting different aspects of the au pair experience (travel, cultural exchange, fun, family, friiends, language learning) reached us with the hashtag #aupairingis on Instagram. One thing is certainly clear: An au pair stay provides an unforgettable sort of adventure.

The pictures of our contest winner Saskia were especially impressive. Saskia from Austria was an au pair in Iceland. Take a look for yourselves:

Pictures from Saskia:

Saskia taucht in Island
Saskia, Foto aus Wettbewerb
Saskia mit ihrem Gastkind


Saskia, Foto aus Wettbewerb
Saskia auf einem Flugzeugfrack
Saskia Foto aus Wettbewerb