What should you pack for your au pair stay?

You are about to embark on your great au pair adventure and are wondering how to make your luggage for your coming au pair stay? No worries, our checklist will help you make sure that you do not miss out on anything important in your suitcase.

Packing as an au pair
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You will definitely need:

Documents and cash
  • Passport and ID (do not forget to bring along copies, too; just in case) 
  • Heath Insurance Card or foreign health insurance policy
  • Plane, train and / or bus ticket
  • Foreign cash (currency of your host country)
  • Credit card, EC card
  • Contact details of your host family, parents and friends
  • Addresses of hotels in the area (should you have missed the train to your host family, for instance)
  • Address of the embassy of your own country in your host country
  • City map (should you occasionally find yourself in a dead zone)
Textiles and toiletries
  • Your favourite travel-sized toiletries help you save valuable space. You can always add to your products in your host country.
  • Medication, should there be anything, you need to take regularly
  • Clothes for cooler and warmer days
Technical equipment
  • Approved power cord
  • Mobile phone
  • Charger
  • Digital camera
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • USB extension cable
More great ideas
  • Small gifts for your host family
  • Dictionary
  • Literature
  • Travel diary for your personal memories
  • Photos of your friends and family

Ask your future host parents what you should definitely bring along. They will certainly also be able to provide you with tips as to which clothes would best suit you in their weather conditions.

Do not forget to leave sufficient space in your suitcase for your trip back home. You will surely buy one or another thing in your host country and need some room to take your items back home.

You will probably be wondering how to stuff all these things into your suitcase. On Youtube you will find many videos showing you how to pack your suitcase just like a professional, saving valuable space. Here is one example: Packing like a pro