AuPairWorld has a new layout!

The AuPairWorld site has been refurbished. Smartphone and tablet users especially, will benefit from the new layout.

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We already announced it last week, and now the moment has finally arrived: as of now, AuPairWorld has a new design! Our website, however, not only looks different; due to its new layout, the site's navigation and structure is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, etc. This also applies to all standard browsers: by using Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari, you will from now on surf AuPairWorld even more flexibly than ever before. 

We are continually improving our website for you. Our new design forms the basis for the creation of new features to come. We wish you a lot of fun discovering our new site!

Feedback on our new layout

48 hours after launching our new design, we have already received lots of feedback from our users. Thank you very much for getting in touch with us! Your feedback helps us eliminate errors quickly.

We wish to thank you all for sending us your detailed feedback on our new design. We are very glad to see how well the new layout has been received by most of you. We certainly know that there are still some errors which need to be corrected. You can be sure, we are working as hard as we can so that you will soon be able to use our website as usual and to benefit from all the advantages provided by the new layout. You can help us particularly with our bug fixing if you send us a corresponding screenshot for any errors you detect to Please also let us know which type of device (PC, Mac, smartphone, etc.), which operating system (Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, etc.) and which browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, etc.) you are using. 

Some difficulties can be bypassed directly by doing the following: Hold down the F5 button on your keyboard to refresh the page or empty the cache in your browser. If you are using the Microsoft Internet Explorer 8, you need to upgrade to a more recent version. Alternatively, you can temporarily make use of a different browser, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox . 

Thank you very much for your understanding and your kind support.