A farewell present for your host family (and yourself)

Almost every au pair brings a gift to their family at the beginning of the stay, but some prepare a farewell present as well, so that the host family can remember them forever.

September 02, 2020

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Before or after your au pair stay is over, you will want to treasure your memories of it, for sure. That's what Bernat did with his au pair stay in Sweden. Enjoy his video and get inspired to capture your amazing experience in different presents for your host family (or for yourself).

MY EMOTIONAL FAREWELL to my host family

What you can give as a farewell present to your family

If you want to do something similar to Bernat, here are some ideas! This can be useful to you as well in case you want to keep your memories. Here some ideas:

  1. A scrapbook with pictures, tickets of the venues visited with them, drawings of the kids, a recipe you cooked and other memories
  2. A picture in a frame (less could be more)
  3. A video similar to Bernat's
  4. A calendar for the following year with pictures of all of you
  5. A letter to the family and kids explaining how was your experience thanks to them

Any detail, in general, will be a nice memory of so many moments lived. Nonetheless, remember that the most important aspect is enjoying every moment of the stay to the fullest.