Child benefit payments (Kindergeld) for German au pairs

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In Germany, child benefits (Kindergeld) are paid to families for children up to the age of 18. After this, these benefits continue to be paid when young people are pursuing an apprenticeship or further study. If an au pair stay meets certain conditions (defined below), young people will also receive the benefits during the au pair stay.

Regulations on child benefit payments for German au pairs

Regulations on child benefit payments for German au pairs

In its judgement of 15 March 2012, the Federal Fiscal Court in Germany (BFH) confirmed its case law ruling that au pair placements organised with the purpose of learning a foreign language abroad can only be considered a type of vocational training if they include a comprehensive, systematic and theoretical language course of at least ten hours per week on average.

By filling in Form E402, au pairs can prove their participation in a language course. Parents can always contact the responsible German authorities if more information is needed. It is recommended that employees turn to the respective Family Benefits Office of the German Federal Employment Agency, whilst civil servants should contact their regional State Office for salaries and benefits.