Video: how to travel as an au pair

As an au pair, you will have right to have holidays and free time. During your time off, you will probably want to discover your new country. That's what Rosina did and she's come up with 5 pieces of advice on how to travel as an au pair. Enjoy the video and put into action her tips to save time and money!

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Rosina was an au pair in France in 2018. Before becoming one, she didn't even have a passport and thanks to her au pair experience, she could travel to many places and countries. Don't miss her tips to enjoy your au pair free time as much as you can!

5 TIPS HOW TO TRAVEL as an au pair with Rosina | AuPairWorld

Tips on how to travel as an au pair

Here's a summary of Rosina's tips. In the video, she gets into detail of every one of them.

  1. Speak with your family about your holidays to plan your schedule
  2. Do some research about the country you plan to visit to save money.
  3. Set your goal or motivation for the journey
  4. Don't be scared to be on your own
  5. Save money and compare prices

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