Good news! AuPairWorld has a new dashboard for users

With a new user dashboard and messaging functions, AuPairWorld users will be able to make contact more quickly and match more easily.

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NachrichtenWe're pleased to present: A new MyAuPairWorld dashboard on the website! 

With the new dashboard, your messages are now easier to keep track of and are shown in a format familiar from WhatsApp and other messaging apps. You can also pin important chats for easier reference later on. 


The old system of standard messages has been replaced with a "hello" function for au pairs and host families to make first contact. Host families don't need to have Premium account to use this function. And au pairs can make contact with any families they find interesting simply by sending a "hello" greeting! 


Grafik DashboardThe dashboard in your AuPairWorld profile has become more interactive. It gives you a convenient overview of your most recent messages, shows host families or au pairs that fit for you, lists the Favourites you've selected as well as the first contacts you've made using the new "hello" function. Plus there are quick links to more info and tips.

We wish you lots of fun and success with the new functions in your AuPairWorld profile. This is just the beginning of many more improvements to come. If you have any questions, we'll be glad to help as always!