Bucket Lists – made easy with these apps!

Often the greatest pleasure comes in the anticipation – which is exactly why it can be especially fun to plan your au pair year with a Bucket List. Ellen, an editor at AuPairWorld, shares some of the best Bucket List apps:

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If you love making plans and writing them down in lists like I do, the following apps are an absolute must-have! As I approached the start of my au pair stay in 2016, I was thinking to myself: What do I want to experience during my au pair stay? What do I absolutely have to see? What challenges do I want to set for myself? Luckily, I found some practical apps to help me organise my plans. I've written about a few of my favourites below:

  • Soon

    Soon is an iPhone App which you can use to note down everything that you think of: Films, restaurants, book or music tips, places you would like to travel to, and lots more. You can also use the app to keep track of what you have already done.

  • iWish

    The iWish app is available for iPhone and Android. iWish is my top favourite. In this app you can not only keep all your goals and plans in lists, but you also receive suggestions about other wishes and to-dos which you could consider. And all of this is packaged in a very appealing design.

  • Buckist

    Buckist works in a similar way, but with this app you can enter lots of details like dates, categories, descriptions etc. Personally I find this app slightly over the top and too complicated, but if you like adding lots of details then this is definitely a great alternative!


What's on your Bucket List? Bungee Jumping? Skydiving? Learning to surf? Share your ideas with us and other au pairs!

My final message for you: Have fun planning your au pair stay - 2018 is going to be your year! :-)