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Take a look at some of our videos to find out more about AuPairWorld and the au pairing experience. You can also follow our YouTube Channel to make sure you stay up to date.

AuPairWorld video – action cam

AuPairWorld: The Company


What We Do: AuPairWorld's international team of experts explain how the AuPairWorld platform brings au pairs and host families together – simply, safely and directly.

AuPairWorld: Milestone Videos


Three million users (2017): Our tribute video to three million host families and au pairs from around the world who live the au pairing dream with AuPairWorld.


Two million users (2014): A personal visit to AuPairWorld user no. 2 million - the Franceschi family in Lucca, Italy, with a warm-hearted video portrait of their daily life together with their two children and their Austrian au pair Lisa.


One million users (2011): For the first Milestone Video, AuPairWorld travelled to Spain and produced a detailed video about the au pair experience as lived by our one millionth user - the Almendros family, together with their two daughters and their German au pair.

AuPairWorld: Special Topics


Au Pair | Gap Year | Your Chance: The world is waiting for you as an au pair! Start your adventure here.

AuPairWorld: Events


7 super compact interviews with 7 au pairs at the first AuPairWorld Au Pair Meeting in Frankfurt: They answer the question: "What's it really like to be an au pair?"


Impressions from the first AuPairWorld Au Pair Meeting in Frankfurt: Missed the party? Then watch the video! ;-)