History of AuPairWorld

It all began with the twelve-time host father Uwe Regenbogen from Gudensberg, Germany, looking for his first au pair. 

Manager directors Ann-Kristin Cohrs and Heike Fischer

It all started with one search for one au pair

In 1997/1998, company founder Uwe Regenbogen was looking for his family's first au pair. After disappointing results working with a traditional au pair agency, Regenbogen had the idea of carrying out an au pair search through the Internet. His thought - there would be more choices and better search results. His idea proved to be right. By using Internet resources, he quickly found the first of what over the years would ultimately be 12 au pairs for his family.

At the same time, he realised that the emerging resources of the World Wide Web could be harnessed not only to serve his personal needs as a host father, but also could be used to bring au pairs and host families from all around the world together.

The free portal goes online in 1999

Based on his personal experience as a programmer, Uwe Regenbogen decided to create a new portal for au pairs and host families. His aim was to design a website that would offer both host families and au pairs the chance to find each other as easily and quickly as possible – and above all without any intermediary involved. In late 1999, www.aupair-world.net went online as a free portal. After a change of the company's domain name in 2015, AuPairWorld can now be found under the URL: www.aupairworld.com.

AuPairWorld keeps growing

The AuPairWorld team is constantly growing. Today, AuPairWorld GmbH employs around 30 permanent in-house employees, among others professional translators, editors, IT experts, marketing specialists, press representatives and graphic designers, who dedicate themselves tirelessly to AuPairWorld's development. In 2013, Uwe Regenbogen assigned full management responsibility of the AuPairWorld GmbH to company managers Heike Fischer and Ann-Kristin Cohrs.

The AuPairWorld company philosophy

“AuPairWorld primarily relies on high security and quality standards, as well as a highly qualified multilingual team for the maintenance of its website and customer support”, executive director Ann-Kristin Cohrs explains. “In this context, transparency and fairness are of utter importance to us. Furthermore, we wish to support and promote the basic idea of au pairing in all our efforts and guarantee a fair price-performance ratio to our customers”, co-CEO Heike Fischer adds.

More than 3 million users

Ever since its foundation, more than 3 million au pairs and host families have registered on AuPairWorld (last update: October 2016). Loyal to its motto "We connect – we care", the AuPairWorld team ensures that user profiles undergo diverse and detailed quality checks. Furthermore, AuPairWorld provides assistance to its users by e-mail and phone in all matters and in five different languages.

AuPairWorld breaking new grounds

As of June 2016, AuPairWorld is an elite member of the World Youth Student and Educational Travel Confederation (WYSE). The latter is a global non-profit organisation dedicating to youth and educational travels. With 600 members in 120 countries, the WYSE-community is globally the largest association of its kind.

By forming part of WYSE, AuPairWorld wishes to extend its network in the areas of youth and educational travels in order to render the au pair experience even more attractive in the future. Furthermore, we are hoping that a strong partner such as WYSE will help us enhance and further develop the fundamental idea of the cultural exchange in a sustainable manner.

Company History Highlights

1998 Uwe Regenbogen, web pioneer and later company founder, comes up with the idea of creating a website with specific search functions for au pairs and host families after looking for an au pair to serve in his own family via a British-based Internet portal.

1999 The resulting website is launched free of charge in English and German. Host families and au pairs are able to use it to find and contact each other

2001 Uwe Regenbogen establishes the company "AND-IS Information Solutions" (today: a.n.d. Internet Services GmbH & Co. KG) which runs AuPairWorld.

2002 Relaunch of AuPairWorld, first payment model for AuPairWorld is initiated. Premium Membership system is established.

2004 First employees are hired and multilingual customer support is developed.

2005 French, Italian and Dutch versions of the website are launched.

2007 The 100,000th host family registers.

2009 The 500,000th au pair registers.

2010/2011 AuPairWorld expands and diversifies staff, hiring specialists for translation, editing, IT, graphic design and marketing.

2011 The one millionth user registers at AuPairWorld. A new messaging system allows users to exchange personal messages in a secure environment directly through AuPairWorld.

2012 The Spanish version of the website is launched.

2013 In early 2013, Uwe Regenbogen assigns full management responsibility of the AuPairWorld GmbH to company managers Heike Fischer and Ann-Kristin Cohrs.

2013 Relaunch of the portal with a new design and expanded mobile functionality.

2014 The two millionth user registers at AuPairWorld.

2015 Since October 2015, host families registered with AuPairWorld have the opportunity to choose among three different Premium options. Thus, every family can pick the model which best serves their invidual needs and personal search approach.

2016 As of June 2016, AuPairWorld is an elite member of the World Youth Student and Educational Travel Confederation (WYSE).

2016 From September 2016, host families residing in Germany have the opportunity to book a visa service. The latter is aimed at rendering the visa application process for non-EU au pairs more easily to host families.

2016 In September, almost 100 au pairs are taking part in AuPairWorld's first official Au Pair Meeting in Frankfurt.

2017 AuPairWorld travels to Dublin, learns a lot about the Irish market and meets with host families and au pairs for an intensive exchange of ideas.

2017 The three millionth user registers at AuPairWorld. The company thanks for the trust of all its users with a self-produced video: "When dreams come true".

2019 In April, AuPairWorld moves into its new office building in Kassel, Germany.

2021 In June, the four millionth user registers on the AuPairWorld website.

2022 In January, the website moves to a new server environment to ensure the future viability of the platform, accompanied by a new layout for the MyAuPairWorld area.