Are you looking for a perfect solution for your childcare during the summer holidays?

Having fun, flexibility and no stress at all are those terms which nobody would usually relate to childcare. A short-term au pair can be the perfect solution for you!

Summer au pair and host kid

A new childcare option this summer - an au pair for the summer holidays

With the kids out of school for the summer, managing childcare takes on a whole extra dimension. An au pair can there be a perfect solution.

Having a young adult in your home who shares the summer childcare tasks makes everything easier. You will definitely be more relaxed through the day.You will definitely be more relaxed through the day. A new face in the family gives your kids the special excitement of really getting to know someone from another country – an adventure in itself! And if you want, you can also invite your au pair to come with the family when you travel during the holidays.

More flexibility and relaxation for the parents! More flexibility and relaxation for the parents! A new range of fun and activity for the kids!


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How much does it cost to have a summer au pair?

  • An au pair receives room and board when she (or he) lives together with your family.
  • This means that your au pair's living expenses are basically taken care of, and the additional payment your au pair receives is seen as pocket money in most countries (and not as a standard wage).
  • A summer au pair earns the same amount of pocket money like regular au pairs. The amount varies from country to country.  
  • So with au pairing you can use the existing infrastructure of your household to lower your childcare costs.


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You want more information?

Then inform youself on our page for host families, what it's really like to be a host family. You can also read the experience article of host mum Erica with her summer au pair and you will get an inside look into a host family.

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