Information about phishing

There is currently a phishing e-mail in circulation on AuPairWorld. Please don't trust this e-mail and never input any of your personal data on the linked website.

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There have recently been a number of phishing messages sent from profiles on AuPairWorld. Having investigated these profiles it seems that scammers have gained unauthorised access to them, with the intention of using our website for fraudulent purposes. It is most likely that the scammers gained access to these profiles through phishing e-mails. For security reasons, and in order to protect our users, we have of course blocked these profiles from our website.

What is phishing?

Phishing is the use of fake websites in an attempt to gain access to users' data (eg, passwords and log-in data). Once access to this data has successfully been made, scammers are then able to log in to the profiles of the users concerned. More information and useful tips about phishing and how to protect yourself can be found on the websites of Action Fraud (the UK's national reporting centre for internet crime) and BBC Watchdog.

To read the phishing e-mail currently in circulation, have a look at the our current scam attempts page.

How to protect yourself:

Always be cautious when clicking on links included in emails, particularly if you are asked to input any personal data. The links in such emails often lead to fake websites, for example to supposed agencies
or even to public authorities. Have a read of our Tips for improving your Internet security for more information.

If you receive any messages which appear suspicious, please let us know by email on 

Further information on staying safe throughout your search with AuPairWorld can be found on our security page