Christmas giving from AuPairWorld

Three highly worthy charities are receiving support from AuPairWorld this Christmas season.

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AuPairWorld is pleased to be able to support three organisations doing important work to help people in need:

  • The German Red Cross is providing extensive aid to the the civilian population in Ukraine and to persons who have been forced to flee the country after the Russian invasion. AuPairWorld has contributed 5,000 EUR to these efforts.
  • The Kasseler Tafel is a foodbank staffed by volunteers based in Kassel, Germany, where AuPairWorld is headquartered. It makes food available to more than 3,000 people every day, including some 750 children. AuPairWorld has contributed 5,000 EUR to support their activities.
  • BDKS is another Kassel-based organisation that runs projects for mentally and physically disabled people in sheltered workshops and assisted-living facilities. AuPairWorld has contributed 2,000 EUR to support these activities.

A privilege to help

In its charitable giving each year at Christmastime, AuPairWorld supports organisations that help people in need to overcome difficult situations and lead better lives.

We see a connection between the efforts of these organisations to improve the daily lives of individuals and the sharing that lies at the heart of each au pair stay. By bringing resources together and helping each other, all of us can achieve better things in situations big and small, at home and abroad.

AuPairWorld is thankful to be involved in the everyday sharing of so many au pairs and families around the world. And as the year comes to an end, we feel privileged to able to make a small contribution in helping these three organisations do the good work that they do.