Requests for input from external media

Would you like to share your au pairing experience with a larger audience? Current requests that we've received from external media for input from host families or au pairs are listed here.

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Previous media requests

TV show for DR2 searching for Au pair

‘The Peculiar Danes’

An au pair’s insight into the daily life of Danish families.

Are you an au pair who watches a typical Danish family from a unique perspective? Have you been allowed into the inner circle and, therefore, as a foreigner, able to observe the quirky sides of Danish behavior?

We are interested in hearing what you think about Danes and the general Danish family relations and every day life: The balance between work and leisure time, how children are raised, the roles of senior citizens, the Danish cooking habits and so forth. How do feel about these parts of every day family life in Denmark and how are they different from what you personally are used to?

The show is light hearted, down-to-earth and fun, and we have no wish to spark any conflict between you and your employer.

If you have any funny, peculiar or interesting stories to share - and are interested in becoming a part of the show - please contact Elias at The Compound.  

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TV-production looking for Au Pairs coming to Germany!*

Dear AuPairWorld community,

The media production company Weber&Behn in Cologne is looking for au pairs coming to Germany and their host families for a TV-report. The documentation will be about how people from different countries experience their first steps in the “new home”.

We would like to get to know you a little bit in a short interview and thus accompany you with the camera for 1 or 2 days. We would like to talk about cultural differences, clichés, and see Germany through your eyes. From the family’s point of view, we’d like to know what is great about having an au pair at your home!

The report will be shown in three parts (each about 10-12 minutes) on a weekday show! There will also be a payment for your participation (for the au pair).

You have to be at least 18 years old to participate and it’s a plus if you’re coming to Germany for the first time. We are excited to hear from you!

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* AuPairWorld has no influence on external media coverage and assumes no liability for the content of such coverage.