You can be an au pair in these countries

Good work! You're one step closer to realising your au pair plans. Below you will find all of the countries where you could organise your own au pair adventure. In some of these countries there may also be further requirements that must be fulfilled. Therefore please check the detailed country information carefully to make sure that they really fit for you.

Still unsure which country to choose as an au pair? There are various reasons for choosing a destination country as an au pair. Check out our 4 questions to help you choose your country.

Further information

Our team at AuPairWorld has researched the au pairing requirements for the most popular host countries, but not for all countries in the world. If you would like to travel to a country that is not included in our host country overview, please contact the embassy of your preferred host country directly for more information. 

Please also note:

  • In some host countries there may be additional requirements that you need to fulfill (for example: previous experience with childcare or a certain level of financial resources).
  • Check in advance exactly which documents you will need to enter the country of your choice. 
  • In some countries there is also a legal requirement to make use of an agency for the au pair stay. That means you have to engage an agency in order to be an au pair in these countries (e.g., USA, the Netherlands, Switzerland).
  • Remember that obtaining a visa can take a considerable amount of time and take this into consideration when making your plans.
  • Also remember that you will need to pay for your own travel costs.
  • Aside from a few exceptions, it is not possible to become an au pair in one's own country.

If you have further questions about organising an au pair stay, feel free to contact our AuPairWorld team. We are always happy when we can help au pairs realise their dreams!