AuPairWorld: Europe is experiencing a significant au pair boom

Kassel (February 2013). Au pairing is gaining more and more popularity. This trend can particularly be observed within Europe and has significantly marked the financial year 2012 of AuPairWorld, the world's leading au pair agency on the Internet.

Main countries of the origin of the au pairs registred in 2012

"More and more people in Europe are seeing the advantages of searching for an au pair or a host family using Internet resources“, according to Uwe Regenbogen, founder of AuPairWorld. Along with his 24 members of staff, he is looking back on the most successful year in the almost 14-year-old company‘s history. In 2012, 263,500 au pairs and host families registered on AuPairWorld to find their match using the site's unique resources – an increase of 25 per cent compared with the previous year.

80 per cent of all registrations are carried out from within Europe

More than 200,000 au pairs and host families, representing 80 per cent of the total of registrations on AuPairWorld, are from Europe. Uwe Regenbogen knows from his own experience that many host families are searching for au pairs from English speaking countries. "It is very pleasing to see that 10,200 registrations came from au pairs in the UK," he commented. "However, compared to the number of registrations from our European front runners - Spain, France, Germany and Italy, this number is still rather modest. But on the whole, host families have good chances to find their match thanks to the large number of aspiring au pairs.“

Spain was the fast climber of the year

AuPairWorld also tapped a new market in 2012: Spain. With Spanish becoming the sixth language in which the website is available, the number of users increased accordingly. The company was pleased to record a 93 per cent increase in Spanish au pairs and host families registrations compared to the previous year. This makes Spain the fast climber of the year 2012.

Upward trend continues

The company‘s turnover also reflects the increasing registration numbers. In 2012, AuPairWorld generated a total annual turnover of 1.7 million euros. This represents an increase of 12 per cent compared with the previous year. This upward trend is continuing in 2013: In the first few weeks of January, more than 1,000 au pairs and host families registered every day.

About AuPairWorld

AuPairWorld is the world's leading au pair agency on the Internet and offers the opportunity to search directly and independently for an au pair or a host family. Since the company‘s founding in 1999, more than 1.4 million users have registered on its site. AuPairWorld is operated by a.n.d. Internet Services GmbH & Co. KG (a.n.d.), a company based in Kassel, Germany. It employs 24 permanent members of staff.

About the sector

The au pair sector can be divided into three main segments: traditional agencies, online agencies and other types of intermediaries (private contacts, associations, churches). AuPairWorld does not have any information on official statistics or data concerning the numbers of international placements throughout the entire au pair sector.