Online preparation for your family's au pair

The Au Pair Core Skills Course gives your future au pair 6 hours of concentrated online instruction for just 82 EUR. Make sure your au pair has the knowledge and skills for optimal performance – before the au pair stay begins.

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Why online preparation for your au pair makes sense:

Serious responsibilities

A new au pair takes on a crucial role in the family with serious responsibilities for the care and well-being of your children. You want the best au pair with the best preparation for this important role.

Preparation makes a difference

When au pairs start their stay with an overview of the au pair role, childcare activities and home safety, they can learn more quickly on the job and take on their new responsibilities more effectively.

Commitment from both sides

Au pairing depends on a positive process of give and take. You give the course, your au pair commits to the preparation, and together you have the first step of a happy partnership for the au pair stay.

Au pair preparation from Babyem - How it works

After your purchase of the course, your au pair can work through the course at their own pace with learning checks for each unit.

The Babyem course material has been developed by a highly qualified childcare team and features 6 hours of well-structure interactive materials with lots of videos and practical learning examples.

When the course has been completed, the au pair gets a certificate of completion that they can share with you. More information on the Babyem course is available here.


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What's included in the Babyem Au Pair Core Skills course?

The course is composed of seven modules covering all the important aspects of the au pair's role and responsibilities in the family.

  • Working as an au pair: The au pair role, routine and time management
  • Child safety: Inside the home, outside, fire safety, first aid and medical
  • Healthy eating: Learning through cooking, food safety & hygiene, allergies & intolerances
  • Child development & activities: How to children develop and what are age-appropriate activities
  • Building relationships between au pair and host family: First few days, effective communication, expectations
  • Caring for babies and young children: Nappy changing, feeding, hygiene, bed time, safety
  • Managing behavior: Infant and child brain development and behavior

An investment for a perfect start to a new au pair's stay with your family

The Babyem Au Pair Core Skills preparation course costs 82 EUR (70 GBP). It's an educational investment to help get your au pair off to an excellent start.

Give the course to your future au pair to lock in a basic level of knowledge and skills for the benefit of your family. You invest in your au pair’s skills and your au pair commits to doing the best job possible. Perfect team work for a perfect stay.

The people behind the course

Babyem Coach Vanessa Christie


Vanessa Christie is a registered Lactation Consultant, Registered Health Visitor, Registered Nurse (Children) and Certified Infant Massage Instructor with expercience working with thousands of families over the last 16 years.

Babyem Coach Dave Johnson


Dave is an experienced First Aid Trainer/Assessor who has been delivering accredited Paediatric First Aid courses to the childcare sector for over 6 years. He is also a licensed psychotherapist specialising in child, adolescent and family therapy. 

Babyem Coach Emma Ward


As owner of Little Explorers Sensory, which offers sensory play classes in London, Emma has been able to live her dream of teaching parents and caregivers in different roles how to play with babies in their care to ensure they are developing properly. 

Babyem Coach Jackie Fisher


Jackie is a qualified Early Years Practitioner, Assessor, Trainer, and Life Coach who has worked for more than 25 years in the early years/care and education sectors. She manages a large nursery and also works as a certified trainer for Babyem.