Official agency support for host families in the Netherlands

Dutch law requires local agency support for the au pair stay. Our partner Au Pair International delivers everything you need after matching with an AuPairWorld au pair.

Au-pair with a hostchild in Amsterdam

For au pair stays in the Netherlands:

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Best matching with

For the largest selection of EU and non-EU au pairs interested in a stay in the Netherlands, with full search and contact functionality on the AuPairWorld platform

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Best management with
Au Pair International

For maximum efficiency in dealing with visas, residence permits and official requirements, plus the Netherlands best in-country support programme for au pairs

It works like this:

Step 1:

Find an au pair at AuPairWorld from the 2,000+ candidates typically searching on the platform for a host family in the Netherlands.

Step 2:

Contact our partner agency Au Pair International. They are ready and waiting to handle all your needs as a self-matching host family in the Netherlands.


Au Pair International: The Netherland’s top au pair agency

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Expert handling of all official (IND) processing steps
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Largest & most professional agency in the NL
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Full support on insurance, health & childcare issues
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NL's most extensive au pair activity programme
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High au pair satisfaction with optimal integration
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4.8 Google rating

Au Pair International is an authorised sponsor/mediation agency for the Dutch Au Pair Program and is fully recognised by the Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) that regulates au pairing in the Netherlands.