Au pair insurance – So everyone is protected!

PROTRIP-WORLD – from our insurance partner DR-WALTER – is a special insurance product to make sure the key risks that occur during an au pair stay are covered. For the benefit of all concerned.

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Comprehensive protection – The smart approach

With PROTRIP-WORLD insurance coverage for your au pair, you, your family and your au pair can all relax knowing that the right insurance protection is in place should it be needed. PROTRIP-WORLD covers all the main risks that come with an au pair stay in a specially designed package at a very reasonable price. And with this comprehensive coverage, you as the host family can be certain to be protected against any possible recourse claims.



PROTRIP-WORLD gives an au pair:

  • Travel health insurance
  • Accident insurance
  • Liability insurance
  • Baggage insurance
  • Emergency insurance

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Insurance cover from the youth travel experts

AuPairWorld's insurance partner DR-WALTER GmbH has been a leader in the field of international travel insurance for more than 50 years, and specialises in providing insurance for young travellers. The PROTRIP-WORLD product expertly combines a combination of different types of coverage to give exactly the protection that an au pair needs when in a foreign country.


Au pair insurance – Who pays?

Au pairs and host families need to openly discuss how the expenses for this insurance should be handled. In a few countries (such as Germany, for example), it is mandated that the host family arranges and pays for au pair insurance. In most others, it is left open who will pay.

Keeping things in perspective

Au pairs and host families should be clear about a few basic facts:

  • An international stay brings many unclear situations regarding insurance cover. The surest way to know that everyone is protected is to arrange an insurance policy that is specifically designed to cover a young person during a stay abroad.
  • Insurance coverage for an au pair is not so expensive. For au pair stays arranged in Europe, the standard premium is less than 30 EUR per month.
  • Good preparation is in everybody's best interest. An au pair stay is a great adventure for a young person and a fun and flexible way to manage childcare in a busy family. Economizing with insurance protection in this context simply doesn't make sense.

Who pays for the insurance is a point that should be clarified before the au pair stay begins. That insurance cover is in place for the duration of every au pair stay is simply common sense.

Our partner DR-WALTER can give you all the information you need to handle this important aspect of hosting an au pair.