Can you recommend au pairs from any particular countries?

Question of the week (28 March 2011). Oliver M. from Austria is searching for a new au pair. He has received many applications through AuPairWorld. Making a choice ist not easy, at all. His question to AuPairWorld: Have you had any exceptionally good experiences with au pairs from particular countries: Which nationalities would you recommend?

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Dear Team of AuPairWorld,

At the moment I have a Brazilian au pair with whom I am very satisfied. However, her visa expires soon. Therefore, I am browsing AuPairWorld in order to have an overview of your current offer. I have already received many applications. My question is: Have you had any exceptionally good experiences with au pairs from particular countries? Which nationalities would you recommend? Thank you in advance for your support.

Best wishes,

Oliver M. from Austria

The Support Team's Reply

Dear Mr M.,

Every person is different. It is claimed that people from different countries have different mentalities. However, in general you cannot predict a young person's personality based upon his/her country of origin. Our director Uwe Regenbogen, having been a host father himself for many years, has also confirmed this. His tip: "A successful au pair placement actually rather depends on whether or not you and your au pair match well."

Therefore, we recommend that you talk to your au pair about his/her expectations in advance. Furthermore, meeting in advance allows you to discuss other matters at eye level and see whether you get along well with each other. Apart from this, you can also ask your au pair to provide references.

Please bear in mind that a visa may be required depending on where your au pair comes from (you may already know this). In order to get a visa, the au pair has to meet certain requirements (e.g. with regard to his/her language knowledge, age limit etc.). You can find more information on our Visa and Regulations page, clicking on the link for the relevant host country.

I hope that this information was helpful and wish you good luck on your search for an au pair.

Best wishes,

Your AuPairWorld Support Team