Best moments of the au pair meeting in Frankfurt

Au pairs from all over the world enjoyed AuPairWorld's first au pair meeting in Frankfurt. Here is a selection of the best moments of the get-together. 

Many thanks to all au pairs who joined us and made our first au pair meeting a very special day! (Photos: Ashish Vaishya)

  • Group photo of our au pairs attending our first au pair meeting in Frankfurt
  • Decoration and agenda of our meeting
  • Our reception saloon at the Ruderclub Germania in Frankfurt
  • Entrance with our beach flag
  • The registration table
  • Our souvenirs for the attendees
  • Nice fruit bowl at the buffet
  • At the registration
  • Our colleague Denis getting ready for the meeting
  • Au pairs getting acquainted
  • AuPairWorld staff consummating last details
  • Some AuPairWorld staff keeping track of the registration
  • Au pairs waiting for the registration
  • First au pairs' arrival
  • Two au pairs in a small talk
  • Our attendees enjoying drinks and snack
  • Our board with the au pairs' profiles
  • Two au pairs exchanging experiences with a drink
  • Au pairs in a talk
  • A conversation at lunch time
  • Au pairs from around the world in a mingle
  • The opening speech by our managing director, Ann-Kristin
  • Some other au pairs getting together
  • Ann-Kristin and Denis from AuPairWorld in moderation
  • An au pair at the meeting
  • Au pairs taking part in one of our presentations
  • An au pair filling out her profile card
  • An au pair taking care of her family's baby
  • More au pairs getting acquainted
  • An au pair looks for a place to hang  her profile card
  • The gastronomy team of our location
  • Au pairs wearing funny clothes for a commemorative photo
  • An au pair in interview
  • An au pair talks about her experience
  • Some au pair boys that attended our meeting
  • An au pair and her host family
  • Au pairs mingle at the terrace
  • An au pair places her profile card at the attendant's board
  • Au pairs talking and enjoying the view
  • Au pairs talking part in a small activity by our team member, Alejandro
  • Our au pairs making friends
  • Our welcome drinks
  • Au pairs from different countries socializing
  • Some other au pairs take a selfie at the balcony
  • Synergy Beat livened up the afternoon
  • The photographer guiding au pairs at the photobox
  • Two members of AuPairWorld, Alejandro and Andrea, ready to welcome au pairs
  • The skyline of Frankfurt from the balcony
  • Our colleagues Michael, Denis and Ann-Kristin
  • Our colleagues Silvia and Garth preparing the group photo
  • Our co-workers Denise, Michael and Ann-Kristin make a preliminary assessment
  • Two au pairs having a break at the balcony
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