Lighthearted tips for your au pair stay in the UK

The AuPairWorld team have formulated some unique tips just for you during your au pair stay in the UK. You'll be sorry (we're sure) to miss out on the following activities when an au pair in the UK!

royal guards outside Buckingham Palace

10 not-so-serious tips for your au pair stay in the UK

  1. Have the Queen invite you over for tea and ask her to tell you her favourite jokes.
  2. Take a stroll on the catwalk at London Fashion Week and take the opportunity to pull Vivienne Westwood's hair.
  3. Disguise yourself as a ghost in the London Dungeons and scare off the tourists.
  4. Try to make the royal guards outside Buckingham Palace laugh by tickling them under the chin.
  5. Buy a ticket to a Cardiff Rugby Union game and sing along with the Welsh.
  6. Participate in the Waen-Rhydd bog snorkelling championship. After some training, it'll be a piece of cake!
  7. Go to Loch Ness and instead of swimming with dolphins, have some fun with Nessie!
  8. Take part in the Highland Games and fling your tree trunk as far away from you as you can.
  9. Take the opportunity to find out what the Scotsmen wear underneath their tartans.
  10. Dance with the fairies on Mountain Lurigethan when in Northern Ireland and make a video to send to your friends.

Personal tips from the AuPairWorld Team

Also consider these personal tips from AuPairWorld's two UK experts:

Becky, our intern from England, says, “Many renowned people are associated with the south of England, including Sir Francis Drake and William, Prince of Orange but one lady is in a class of her own. The south of England was home to Agatha Christie, the author of Murder on the Orient Express. You should visit her mansion at Greenway in Devon. Just by walking around the beautiful gardens, you'll soon see where the inspiration for her crime novels came from and why the gardener from back then received so many awards!"

Our colleague Sophia lived in Great Britain for many years and has ideas on some bizarre things you can do. She says, “Some things in Britain really are unique. There is a cheese rolling race every year in Gloucestershire (yes, you read correctly). It has been known for foreigners to win before so maybe you could take part. But, be careful not to roll down the hill as well! If you go to Scotland and happen to fall in love up there in the hills, you can get married quickly and easily at Gretna Green. But be sure not to do it before your au pair adventure is over - you have to remain unmarried throughout your stay, remember!"

AuPairWorld hopes you have a great time in the land of great adventures!

Have a look at our pages Au pair in the UK to find out how you can prepare for your au pair stay in the best possible way.

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