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4 Tips on how to make a long-distance relationship work

Long-distance relationships

08 juli 2024

Becoming an au pair of course involves moving to a different country for a determined period of time. But what if you’re in a relationship and your partner remains in your home country?

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When is the best time for an au pair year - after high school, after college, in between?

A child climbs on the face of a clock

08 juli 2024

When is actually the best time to become an au pair - directly after finishing secondary school or after finishing university or some other time? We take a look at this question and offer some help for making your decision.

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Best activities to experience Madrid in the evening

Templo de Debod

04 juli 2024

Madrid's summer heat keeps locals mostly indoors during day, but everyone heads out to enjoy the evening breeze. Here are five best ways to spend some hot summer days in Madrid.

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Family holidays with your au pair - what to consider

The host family and their au pair enjoying time together while doing stand up paddling

03 juli 2024

Will your au pair be joining you on the next family holiday? Here are some things to consider to make the holidays great for everyone.

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What to do after being an au pair?

girl stands on arrows

01 juli 2024

You probably know by now what comes with being an au pair, but what about the "after"? What happens when your time abroad comes to an end? Which is the best path for you to take? Here are some ideas.

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Family holiday without the au pair - How to handle it? 

A family being excited about going to the beach

27 juni 2024

Have you planned a family holiday and your au pair is not coming with you? Here are some tips on how you can handle this situation and what you should keep in mind. 

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Is an au pair the helping hand you really need?

Mann and child hand in hand on the beach

04 juni 2024

Mother and blogger Jennifer Landis describes her family's route to deciding to host an au pair option and how the results have been.

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5 tips for a perfect au pair experience

Sign with clothes pin showing "are you ready?"

27 mei 2024

These 5 tips will help you be sure to get the most out of your au pair stay and get you ready for all the special experiences that come when you take time off in a gap year and head to a foreign country as an au pair. 

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New Premium Membership prices

New Pricing

26 april 2024

After 9 years of constant prices, we are adjusting our Premium price model with the aim of continuing to deliver the same great value to host families organising an au pair stay.

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How to maintain your language skills after your au pair stay

A Woman in front of a laptop

08 april 2024

Your au pair adventure has come to a close, but your language journey doesn't have to end there. Join us as we delve into practical tips and tricks for retaining the language fluency you developed while living abroad as an au pair.

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