We hebben ongelooflijke gebruikers. Dit is wat ze over ons zeggen.

Het doel van AuPairWorld is om jonge au pairs en gastgezinnen gemakkelijk en snel bij elkaar te brengen. Elk succesvol verblijf bevestigt dat we het goed hebben gedaan. Ontdek zelf wat de AuPairWorld community te zeggen hebben over AuPairWorld : Hier zijn hun getuigenissen.

I loved this site! It was so easy to use and is a win win for the two parties involved. The messages were sent to my email so I found a great family with in 6 weeks. I would recommend it to all of my friends!
Au pair Christine uit Ierland

The site was straightforward and easy to use. We were able to talk to a range of potential au pairs. We were able to offer positions to au pairs for our next 2 available start dates. Will use AuPairWorld again next year when we need to start looking again.
Gastgezin Brooke uit Australië

Hi and thank you for a great site. I love the idea of it and the easy display and this site has helped me to come in contact with a lot of families that I would never have been able to reach otherwise. I'm going to Scotland in May thanks to you, a country I have always dreamed to visit and not even dared to dream about living in! I'm definitely going to recommend this site to friends and thank you once again for a great site! Best of wishes, Alexandra.
Au pair Alexandra uit Zweden

Dear AuPairWorld, I just want to thank you for the wonderful service you provide. It's clearly organized and very efficient! Thank you very much for your help, Irena Zampachova
Au pair Irena uit Tsjechië

I think the website works really well - the EasyFind is very useful. It allowed me to put all the relevant information on my profile, and the messaging system works well. I have found a lovely family and I can't wait until September to go to Finland for my first time being an au pair! I expect to au pair again and will use this website again, and I would definitely recommend it!
Au pair Kira uit Groot Brittannië

I would just like to say how brilliant AuPairWorld has been, I have found a great job, and I have had 55 applications in 27 days. I could not be happier with the service
Au pair Tia uit Groot Brittannië

Thank you, this is a great service you provide I am sure we will be in need of another au pair and we will definitely use your services, it was easy and effective to get the right person for our family.
Gastgezin Marsden uit Australië

I just wanted to say thank you - this website is amazing and I have now found a host family for the next year. Having never been an au pair before I have found this website a real good support and full of all of the information needed. As I work away from the UK it was so easy to access to keep in touch with families and new families who met my criteria. The daily update emails were also fantastic as this is how I meet my new host family! Thank you and I will 100% be recommending you to anyone who wants to be an au pair and I will be suing your site again in the future I am sure!!! :D
Au pair Katie uit Groot Brittannië

I am very satisfied, we found an au pair that we liked and seems very nice!
Gastgezin Sylvie uit Verenigde Staten

That easy, that quick - what a great experience! Thank you for your daily effort to keep this webpage going. It is a great advantage using it, compared to others... all the best!
Gastgezin Rommel uit Duitsland


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