Ecco alcuni esempi di tentativi di truffa

Proteggetevi dalla truffa conoscendo in anticipo i trucchi più usati e le email fraudolente. Qui troverai gli esempi di truffe più diffuse.

Se ricevi messaggi o email sospetti ti preghiamo di segnalarcelo all'indirizzo Saremo felici di poterti aiutare.

Phishing: qualcuno ti ha mandato un link chiedendoti di fornire dati sensibili

Il pishing è un tipo di truffa attraverso il quale un malintenzionato cerca di appropriarsi del tuo indirizzo email e della password per poter accedere al tuo profilo su AuPairWorld. Ti invitiamo a diffidare del contenuto di queste email e a non inserire informazioni personali all'interno della pagina web verso la quale è indirizzato il link. 

  • hello, i have been going through you profile all day and i can see that your family is the perfect family for me...
    i took a little time to prepare my resume and i have also attached some pictures of me and my family to you, so you can click the link below and also check the pictures of me and my family and also about me...(qui è inserito un link verso una pagina web sconosciuta)

Visto per gli Stati Uniti: ti viene chiesto di inviare documenti e denaro per ottenere il visto

La stessa e-mail è inviata anche con informazioni differenti in merito all'età dei bambini e ai paesi indicati. Le email in cui viene richiesto l'invio di documenti o denaro sono generalmente dei tentativi di truffa. Invitiamo, pertanto, a diffidare del contenuto di questo genere di email e a non mettersi in contatto con i mittenti. Non dimenticare che per diventare au pair negli Stati Uniti bisogna sostenere un colloquio con un'agenzia riconosciuta dal governo degli Stati Uniti prima di pagare i costi di agenzia. 

  • Hello and how are you doing today and how is everyone down there in your home, i was just going through your profile now and i think that you would be the perfect person for my 3 boys...
    i have 2 boys in the age of 10 months, 3 years and 5 years old...
    we recently moved from Ireland Dublin down to Usa and we would require the service of an aupair for our kids in Usa because my husband got a job and we had to move to Usa.....
    so if you are interested of coming to work for my family here in Usa in New York, then you can contact me directly in my email address and tell me more about you...
    here is my email address:,

Visto per il Regno Unito: ti viene chiesto di inviare dei documenti o del denaro per ottenere il visto

L'email qui di seguito è stata ricevuta da un au pair che desiderava recarsi nel Regno Unito - si tratta di un'email fraudolenta! Gli au pair che vogliono andare nel Regno Unito non pagano nulla!

  • We wish to inform you that we received information from the Home Office of B.H.C (British High Commission) Head Quarter today that a new policy has been put into force to regulate genuine working applicants coming into the UK.
    Thus Applicant(s) applying as an Employee to United Kingdom must deposit a Total sum of 2 000 pounds to the Home Office of the BHC (British High Commission) Head Quarter here in United Kingdom. This is mandatory for anyone coming to work or study in the UK. We have been able to make more inquiries on how to get this policy for all EU citizen and non-EU citizens coming to work in the United Kingdom and here are some of the informations given to us. An inquiry about deposits for all Aupair was made by EXCELLENT TRAVEL from the BHC (British High Commission) head quarters that a policy as been made for any applicants who is an EU citizen or other countries that are applying as an Aupair to United Kingdom or even to study and also work must deposit the exact amount of 2 000 pounds per head to the BHC (British High Commission) head quarter here in United Kingdom.
    Firstly any EU citizen or other countries that are applying as an Aupair or even Nanny to United Kingdom must deposit the exact amount of 2000 pounds to the BHC (British High Commission) head quarters here in United Kingdom.
    Secondly this deposit is refundable after you get into United Kingdom in your host family house then you must report with your employer to the nearest BHC in the UK to get your money back immediately or soon Thirdly this policy was made to check and control genuine applicants coming to the UK as many applicants (Aupair nanny or anyone who wants to study) come to United Kingdom to work but most of them never report to their host family or even to their school of study but they rather prefer to be at large and never contact the host family or the school again.
    Please note that this money 2 000 pounds is totally refundable and is just to show that you are truly coming to the UK to work and not to absc= ond after getting your Visa and as soon asyou get to UK at the host family residence all you have to do is to report to the UK embassy with your employer to get back your 2 000 pounds Hope this is clearly understood.
    The immigration will ask about this from you and also an invoice at the airport or all other security places and if you dont show one they will have to send you back to your country immediately so it is better to deposit the 2 000 pounds so that you won't have problem with the immigration at the airport when landing and also so that we can finanlise your working registrations . So we urge you to inform your host family about this and we shall also inform them too we wait for your positive response. The deposit must be send to us or your host family to register for you so that we can forward it to the Home Office of BHC Head Quarter Here in United Kingdom.
    Thanks for your co-operation and understanding In anticipation of your response.

Presunte email da parte di AuPairWorld

Hai ricevuto un'email per conto di AuPairWorld o di un'altra agenzia , per esempio dall'indirizzo "". Per poter comunicare con au pair e famiglie ospitanti utilizziamo sempre l'indirizzo email Inoltre, includiamo anche il numero di telefono nella firma al termine dei nostri messaggi. Per favore, diffida delle email inviate per mezzo dell'indirizzo email "" evita di scrivere ai mittenti.

  • Thank you for your email and your hint. Note: Since you have already been issued a working visa for the UK and an international passport. AuPairWorld Team advises you to proceed to scan the below documents.
    Application Checklist:
    Scan and Send via email attachments:
    1) International Passport
    2) Scan the 1250GBP Money Gram receipt for your financial requirement for verification and endorsement.
    3) Signed Contract Agreement. We advises you to visit an internet café or cybercafé, print the Contract Agreement; read, sign and proceed to scan the Contract Agreement with the above mentioned document on or before May 02nd 2013 to facilitate the Aupair Placement and Endorements. The AuPairWorld Team CAN NOT wait till 3weeks. We await your speedy response to enable the AuPairWorld Team to serve you better.
    Congratulations once more.
    Take care
    John Doe

    AuPairWorld Team 

AuPairWorld non solo adotta diverse misure per contrastare possibili truffatori ma si preoccupa anche di tenere aggiornati i propri utenti. Tuttavia, ti chiediamo di fare attenzione in quanto i truffatori sono sempre alla ricerca di nuovi metodi per poter ingannare le proprie vittime e ottenere le informazioni desiderate. Per esempio, potrebbero mandarti un messaggio (vedi sotto) in cui ti incoraggiano a metterti in contatto con un utente il cui profilo di AuPairWorld è stato bloccato: 

  • Hello Member,
    We have blocked Georgakopoulos Nikos family profile due to misinformation provided by him and now he contacted us and has proved himself and we have done thorough investigation about his family and has found out that he is not a FRAUD but LEGITIMATE. Please you can proceed with him in the process of hiring you.
    Kind regards,
    This is an automated email to notify you that you about this family.
    +++ Please do not reply to this e-mail. +++
    Phone: +49 561 310 561 17
    Fax: +49 561 310 561 39
    AuPairWorld is operated by:
    a.n.d. Internet Services GmbH & Co. KG
    Wolfsschlucht 27
    D-34117 Kassel, Germany
    HRA: 17041, Amtsgericht Kassel (District Court Kassel)
    European VAT identification number: DE815246625

Quest'email è stata scritta da truffatori che fingevano di lavorare per AuPairWorld. IMPORTANTE: non inviare mai dei soldi anche se la famiglia ospitante o l'au pair ti sembrano molto affidabili. 

Un avvocato di famiglia o un rappresentante legale ti chiede soldi o documenti

Ad alcuni au pair è stato chiesto di inviare dei soldi a un avvocato o a un notaio al fine di ottenere un "affidavit of moral and good Behavior" (dichiarazione di buona condotta morale e civile). Gli affidavit non hanno nulla a che fare con il collocamento alla pari nel Regno Unito e in nessun altro paese.

Quest'email è stata mandata a un au pair dalla presunta famiglia:

  • Dear ...,
    Thank you for your mail.
    I,m so happy to hear from,you sound so good and thanks for the brief introduction about yourself,hobbies and experience in taking care of kids.
    Well,i'm also happy that you will be coming by August but like i told anna,i am employing her only on the procurement of affidavit of good behavior document from the court in London and same goes
    to you.I will prefer that you deal with an immgration barrister than agency,so i want you to contact barrister Micheal Cole for guidance in the procurement of the document of good behavior that i need before employing you,so contact him on his telephone number +447024011739 or send him mail at
    I hope to hear from you soon.
    Gate family

Quest'email è stata mandata a un au pair dalla presunta famiglia:

  • *ADAMS*
    your partner in law
    Adams House, 33 Cavendish Square, London W1G 0PW
    Tel: +447024011739
    *Date: 12/1/2010
    Our Ref: Str08*
    With reference to your MAIL and your Employer's call to our office this morning requesting for our assistance in the procurement of a Document(AFFIDAVIT OF GOOD BEHAVIOR)from the Crown Court needed by him before he employs you as a nanny to take care of his kids.
    This document takes four working days to procure from the crown court in London.
    We were also meant to understand that you will pay for the Procurement of this Document from the British Crown Court while your employer pays for all the processing of your work papers including your flight fares and pickup from the Airport. You have to submit the following requirements as to enable our office get this Document from the British Crown Court.
    The requirements which are:
    1) One Passport size photograph.
    2) Affidavit of Guarantee fees (380 Pounds)
    3) A scanned copy of your international passport data page bearing your face
    and your full data,Drivers license or Work identification.
    You are therefore required to furnish us with the requirements as to enable us procure the AFFIDAVIT OF GOOD BEHAVIOR document from the Crown Court.

    As soon as this Document (Affidavit of Good Behavior) is received and entered in the British Crown Court, your employer made us to understand that he will start processing the documents needed for your visa and residence work permit that will enable you to work in United Kingdom which we shall then forward to the United Kingdom Embassy in your location via DHL courier services AND all your necessary Approved Government,immigration documents ,hard copies of your Residence Work Permit that will enable the United Kingdom Embassy issue you your stamped entry Visa to London.

    We have two methods of receiving money from our clients,they are (a)bank to bank transfer and (b) International Money transfer. Our Clients in United Kingdom pay cash or through certified checks while our clients outside United Kingdom use any of the two options mentioned above.
    Looking forward to a long lasting work relationship with you as we await the requirements for fast processing of your work papers.

    Yours Faithfully,
    Barrister Micheal Cole,
    Legal and immigration Department,
    Adams House,33 cavendish Square London,W1G 0PW

AuPairWorld è sempre disponibile per rispondere alle vostre domande in materia di sicurezza: