We hebben ongelooflijke gebruikers. Dit is wat ze over ons zeggen.

Het doel van AuPairWorld is om jonge au pairs en gastgezinnen gemakkelijk en snel bij elkaar te brengen. Elk succesvol verblijf bevestigt dat we het goed hebben gedaan. Ontdek zelf wat de AuPairWorld community te zeggen hebben over AuPairWorld : Hier zijn hun getuigenissen.

Hello Dears, I just want to thank you for the website. I have been living in the Netherlands for nine months now, with an amazing host family that I contacted over here. I also just found another amazing host family to spend another year in Belgium. Because of this website, I have been able to make my dream of visiting all over Europe, come true. Many thanks and keep with the nice job! Warm regards, Walquirya Santos
Au pair Walquirya uit Brazilië

thank you so much AuPairWorld!!! thanks to this quick and easy site i've found an amazing host family! i'm flying to Ireland next week to join them! i would reccomend this site to everyone who is seriuos to became an au pair, cause it does work for sure! there are a lot of family to choose from! I LOVED IT! thank you!!! i took to me a couple of weeks to find the right family, do not waste your time on other sites, this one work just fine!
Au pair flaminia uit Italië

AuPairWorld was my first choice in looking for my hostfamily in Ireland. The huge numbers of families and the easy messaging system made it fun and easy in finding the perfect family!
Au pair Kim uit Duitsland

I'm still looking for au pair girl..But when I was younger I use to work as au pair in ireland... and it was one of my best experience in life!
Gastgezin Lopez uit Italië

Hello! I just would like to say that your service works really good and I'm going to give recommendation to use your website to all of my friends, who are interested in the au pair programme. This website has clear information and plenty of possibilities to keep in touch with families. I was surprised that I met my future family almost in the beginning, when I created my profile. In my opinion idea of short letters is very good and important if somebody wants to find family or au pair who will suit together. I'm sure that if I will need to find another family (after my experience with this family, which I found), I'm going to use your service again! With best wishes, mg
Au pair Marta uit Polen

I would like to say how positive my experience has been with AuPairWorld. After less than a week as a Premium Member, I have found the perfect au pair for our needs. The website is easy to use, with all the necessary information, and with most useful standard reply letters which save a huge amount of time. It is also easy to communicate with prospective au pairs. I shall certainly recommend this site and come back to it in the future.
Gastgezin Tanner uit Groot Brittannië

Once again, thanks to your site I am embarking on another experience in Italy with a family I have found on AuPairWorld, following my current experience in Madrid, another job I found here! Cheers guys! Tom
Au pair Tom uit Groot Brittannië

This site is very nice and helpful to both au pairs and host families that look for that they can be trusted to.
Au pair Vanessa uit Filippijnen

I found this site to be incredibly useful, not only because you've helped me to find a host family but also because the site contains lots of useful information for working as an au pair in your desired country. I have been very happy with this site and the way it is run and I have recommended you to friends who are unsure of their next career move. Thanks! :)
Au pair Natasha uit Groot Brittannië

Hello, I just wanted to say that I think your website is excellent....it's very easily laid out and user friendly. Although I am yet to have my first experience as an au pair my sister has gone away to Spain this summer thanks to the help of your website and is having a wonderful experience. I really believe AuPairWorld has opened a lot of doors for me and has given me the opportunity to travel and to learn about other peoples cultures. Thanks so much for your hard work and dedication to this excellent website, it's very much appreciated. Have a great day :)
Au pair Michelle uit Ierland


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