Phishing e-mails namens AuPairWorld in omloop

Op het ogenblik worden phishing e-mails namens AuPairWorld door de zogenaamde 'Au pair World Agency group' gestuurd. Opgelet: zowel de inhoud als de zender van deze e-mail zijn vals!

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Opgelet: De e-mail van de afzender '' werd niet door AuPairWorld gestuurd. Wij sturen altijd onze e-mails met het e-mailadres Wij vragen jouw deze onderstaande e-mail niet te vertrouwen en geen contact met de afzender op te nemen.

We wish to inform and apologize for the late and sub-standard information we delivered to you due to our false suspicions on one of our reputable family profiles(GALEK PERKINS TOM FAMILY). We also wish to inform you that we have resolved every security and financial issues with him and have recommended him once again for any former discussions which you two might have been taking part in. We have also contacted the UK Border Agency involved and have confirmed every authenticity. We have approved and recommended them for any document procession if finally approved for the job. We wish you understand our conditions of selections and commendation. We are very strict when it comes to fake profiles and try our possible best to make sure every of our Au-pairs remain safe and meet the right family. We have also apologized to your family in question for every problems encountered and will surely fix things up once more. Your discussions with him can commence again if you are still interested and we apologize once more for every misunderstanding. Thanks for your understanding.

This message is from the Au-pair world Agency Team, department of cybercrimes and control. If you received the message by mistake kindly neglect and we apologize for any mistake. We wish you a happy search even as we work to serve you better. 

Als je verdachte e-mails ontvangt, stuur ze a.u.b. door aan of bel ons op. Hartelijk dank voor jouw hulp.