Plus d'infos sur la France en tant que pays d'accueil !

La France est un pays d'accueil apprécié qui, de par ses procédures administratives, exige une bonne préparation de la part des jeunes au pair et des familles d'accueil. Notre collaboratrice française Clarisse a donc recherché plus d'informations sur la France en tant que pays d'accueil.

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According to Clarisse, our expert on France, "Our latest research will help AuPairWorld users find their way around the complex but necessary administrative formalities for au pairs and host families in France even more easily.

In this context, it is important to know that the French government has not enforced any changes to legal requirements. However, we now provide more detailed information and are offering additional services concerning France as a host country."

For example, we can answer the following questions: 

  • What should a health certificate look like? AuPairWorld now gives you the opportunity to download a health certificate sample in English and French.
  • Which type of insurance is recommended for au pairs? Clarisse interviewed French expert on insurances Christine Barrat-Sentagne to find out the most important things you need to know. 
  • Who is qualified to translate the documents which need to be provided to the DIRECCTE in order to have the contract validated? Click on the following page for more information.

The AuPairWorld Team answers more user questions on the topic 'au pair stays in France'. Enjoy reading! We wish you a wonderful and memorable au pair stay in France!


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