Links to other websites for au pairs and host families

Please find below a selection of links to other websites you might be interested in.

For host families:

UK magazines and web portals

Irish web portals

For au pairs:

UK job portals 

Language schools in various countries

English language Centre Ireland Bray, Ireland Located in Bray (near Dublin). Morning and evening classes for au pairs. General English and exam (FCE, CAE) preparation classes.
Englishhouse London, Great Britain Learn to speak English with the Callan Method -  called the easiest way to learn English.
France Langue, French courses in France! Paris and Nice, France France Langue is a French language school specialised in au pair programmes. It offers general French courses at different levels as well as a wide choice of leisure activities.
Campus Langues Paris, France Institut Privé CAMPUS LANGUES offers French courses for all levels at competitive prices. Our objective: to give access to French lessons and French culture to everyone. The Institut Privé CAMPUS LANGUES meets its students' needs and finds a schedule adapted to their level. 
AIP Spanisch Sprachschulen Valencia, Spain Escuela de español en valencia dedicada a la enseñanza de Español, basada en un método communicativo con lecciones muy dinámicas, profesores nativos y titulados y en grupos reducidos.
Learn Spanish in Spain with don Quijote Spain We offer Spanish courses in Spain and Latin America. Learn Spanish with us!
Maltalingua Malta Maltalingua offers different English courses. Our courses are taught in small and personal groups and are suitable for adults of all ages.

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