Scam guidelines - Common sense protection

How to protect yourself against scams:

Various kinds of stories are sometimes told to induce you to send money in advance (allegedly to cover fees for a work permit, or as a payment to a so-called "travel agency" offering to arrange formalities like a visa or a flight ticket for the au pair or the host family). Caution: This is scam! You will not you see your money again, nor will you find an au pair or a host family this way!

AuPairWorld cares about your security. Being well informed and using common sense will do a lot to ensure your security.

Here are the most important guidelines to protect yourself against scam:

Never pay any money in advance. Beware of so-called "travel agencies".

  • Regardless of whether you are an au pair or a family, you should always be sceptical when you are asked for money.
  • Never transfer money via Western Union or MoneyGram to so-called travel agencies.
  • Never pay any travel expenses in advance! The au pair should be able to afford the trip to the host family. If you wish, you may reimburse a part of the au pair's travel costs after the the au pair has arrived and joined your family, but NEVER IN ADVANCE!

Be cautious about offers that seem too good to be true.

  • Please inform yourself about the regular pocket money which is paid in the host country.
  • Should the host family offer an above-average salary in addition to a weekly pocket money, CAUTION! There is something amiss!

Please be cautious about contacts via Facebook or other social networks.

Many users, especially au pairs, tell us that they were contacted by "host families" via social networks such as Facebook. These "families" pretend that they had obtained the contact data from AuPairWorld. However, in most cases, the so-called host families turn out to be scammers. So please be cautious!

Please never set up a bank account for people you do not know.

 Note: This page will be regularly updated. Please check it regularly in order to be informed about new scams to be on guard against.

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