What AuPairWorld does for data security and safe searching

What AuPairWorld does for data security and safe searching

As a well-established service provider in the Internet, AuPairWorld is constantly developing and monitoring its systems to ensure user security.

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Some of the measures we take:

  • Automated processes and individual review by our highly experienced staff allow us to carefully check profiles for completeness and plausibility.
  • We carry out random checks and are continuously developing new procedures for a more effective random checking.
  • In many cases, we request a proof of identity from users for verification purposes.
  • We keep profiles up to date in the search results, only showing profiles of au pairs and host families who are currently seeking a match (i.e. who have logged in within the past 14 days, replied to received messages regularly and entered a future start date in their profiles).
  • In cases of doubt, we contact users directly and ask for supplementary information.
  • We remove profiles which are not in line with the basic idea of au pairing.
  • For reasons of security and data protection, we delete profiles which have been inactive for several months.
  • Contact details of users are neither shown in their profiles nor passed on to third parties.
  • Only logged in au pairs and Premium families can see full names.
  • Profile content is not indexed by search engines (texts and photos cannot be found through Google, for instance).
  • AuPairWorld pages are SSL encrypted. Thus, you know that you are communicating within a protected space whenever you use our website. The so-called SSL encryption guarantees the privacy of communication between your browser and our web servers, preventing unauthorized access by third parties. At the same time, the element "https" indicates that you are surfing the original pages of AuPairWorld and not a fake website.
  • The AuPairWorld website carries the Norton Secured Seal, one of the most recognised trust marks on the Internet.
At AuPairWorld we always have an open ear for your safety concerns
  • Does a particular profile seem odd to you? Please let us know by selecting the 'Report profile' function.
  • Have you received any suspicious emails whilst searching? Find out about common scam practices and warning signs.

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