Action plan for finding a new family

Slight problems, misunderstandings and homesickness are all normal things to experience during an au pair stay because host families and au pairs need time to settle in with each other.

However, sometimes it just simply doesn't work out and it is necessary for an au pair to leave the host family. In all European countries, an au pair can change families without problems.

My family has just shown me the door...

First off, you need to think about what you want to do and if what you want to do is possible. Do you want to stay in the host country that you are in? Do you want to try living with another family? Do you want to go back home? Your answers to these questions will help you decide what to do next.

I want to stay in my host country...

1. Stay calm and think about your options: could you stay over at a friends house for the next couple of nights? If not, use the Internet to search for a hostel. Call them to see if they have any rooms available and confirm where they are located. Pack your luggage and take a taxi or bus there.

2. Log in to your profile on AuPairWorld. If you're no longer registered, register as an au pair. Make sure the start date on your profile indicates that you are ready to start straight away or within the next couple of weeks. You should also indicate in your texts that you are already in the host country and so can start immediately or, as said before, within the next couple of weeks.

3. If you had to get a visa to enter the country, you will need to contact the Immigration Office. Inform them that your au pair contract has been terminated and that you're searching for another host family. Don't be afraid to notify the authorities of your situation, you have a right to change host families if you are unhappy. The authorities will tell you what steps you need to follow, for example they will explain how to register with your new family. 

4. Once you have found a new family, you can report any misgivings you may have had about your previous family to AuPairWorld. To do this, please use either our Online Contact Form or the „Report family“ function which can be found on every profile at AuPairWorld.

I want to go back home...

1. Go on the internet and check prices of flights, buses, trains etc back to your home country. If you need to stay in your host country for the next couple of days search the internet for a hostel. If you don't have enough money to buy a travel ticket you should contact your embassy in the host country. They are obliged to help you! You can ask them if they can lend you the money to get back home.  

Tip from AuPairWorld: Whatever your decision ends up being, don't feel bad. Quite often the second time around is better than the first - just take a look at some of our au pair stories! You are definitely opening a new chapter in your life. Just remember: something isn't a mistake if you learn from it and keep going!

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