Premium options for AuPairWorld host families

Choose an au pair with the market leader. Premium gives host families full access to the largest selection of high-quality au pair profiles available anywhere on the Internet − with more than 30,000 au pairs actively searching on the platform.

  • Premium benefits
  • Unrestricted messaging for personal data exchange with all au pairs
  • Extended functionality in au pair profiles to view full names, references and videos
  • Extra features for your family profile to upload your own video and/or references
  • Compact
  • 1 month
  • 39.90 €
  • A low-cost option for quick selections

    (Monthly cost: € 39.90)
  • Select
  • Plus
  • 3 months
  • 69.90 €
  • Our all-round favourite for easy and convenient planning
    (Monthly cost: € 23.30)
  • Select
  • 365
  • 1 year
  • 129.90 €
  • The all year solution for uninterrupted searching flexibility
    (Monthly cost: € 10.83)
  • Select

Select one of our Premium Packages to fit your family's searching needs. All purchases are one-time transactions. No automatic renewal.

Further questions? Please see our FAQ on free registration and Premium Membership.

AuPairWorld: "Best in class"

  • Best searching: Unsurpassed convenience and security with our EasyFind system and Daily Updates
  • Best messaging: With APW's secure platform for initial contact and full exchange of contact details following Premium purchase
  • Best profile features: Now with enhanced video and reference upload functionality
  • Best customer support: Via email, telephone and webinar. Before, during and after your Premium Membership
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