Premium options for AuPairWorld host families

An AuPairWorld Premium Membership gives you full access to the thousands of au pairs registered at AuPairWorld who are looking for a host family. With three different options, you can choose the one that fits just right for your family's searching needs. 

After you've seen the great range of au pairs at AuPairWorld, decide which Premium Plan is best for you. Choose your plan and then put the full resources of AuPairWorld to work for your family's au pair search.

  • Membership plan
  • Premium
  • Have full and direct contact with au pairs
  • Send messages to any au pairs that interest you*
  • See full name of au pairs in their AuPairWorld profiles
  • Make unrestricted use of the AuPairWorld Messaging System
  • * The number of applications is limited
  • 1 month
  • Compact
  • 39.90 €
  • Premium Membership for € 39.90 per month
  • Select
  • 3 months
  • Plus
  • 69.90 €
  • Premium Membership for € 23.30 per month
  • Select
  • 1 year
  • 365
  • 129.90 €
  • Premium Membership for € 10.83 per month
  • Select

All Premium plans are one-time payments and end automatically after the scheduled time is completed.

If you have any further questions, please refer to our FAQ on free registration and Premium Membership.

Premium Compact

Often the choice for families who live in areas that are popular with au pairs (typically major metropolitan centres) who are confident that they can find an au pair and make their choice quickly.

Premium Plus

Best choice for families that want more time for their au pair searching. Helpful for families in more rural areas (which tend to be less popular among au pairs) and for families that are less experienced in looking for an au pair and need more time to make their final choice.

Premium 365

The choice for families that want to have uninterrupted flexibility for their au pair searches for a full year. Convenient searching for an au pair whenever the need arises. Often a good choice for families that need multiple au pairs in the course of a year.

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