Requests from journalists working on au pair issues

At AuPairWorld we are happy to support quality journalism around the world.

Do you need to contact an au pair or a host family for a journalistic piece that you are developing? We would be happy to publish your external media request on our website.  For this purpose, we need the following information.

Send us a short text detailing:
  • the persons you wish to get in touch with
  • your communication medium (print, Internet, TV or radio)
  • whether you wish to publish an article or an interview
  • photos or videos that are planned
  • main focal points of the piece
  • the message you wish to convey
  • what you need from the au pair or host family in question
  • your contact person (whom au pairs or host families should contact)
Your medium logo
  • Please do not forget to attach your medium logo. We will gladly publish it along with your media request.

Feel free to contact our AuPairWorld press team for more information.

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