AuPairWorld: Key Facts and Figures

A brief overview of AuPairWorld – website traffic, user volume, company size and structure

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As the world's leading au pair company, AuPairWorld operates the multilingual website as its flagship Internet platform. This website facilitates au pair placements through easy-to-use, web-based tools that allow au pairs and host families to make contact with each other simply, safely and directly. The website also provides extensive information on au pair-related matters to hundreds of thousands of users each year. 

Website traffic 

The popularity of these services is reflected in the high levels of website traffic outlined below:

  • 2,607,600 visits per month
  • 477,240 unique visitors per month
  • 1,486,490 million user logins per month
  • 1,193,250 messages sent and received via the AuPairWorld messaging system per month
Customer service support

AuPairWorld supplements these web-based services with extensive direct customer support in the form of system-generated email information and individual email and telephone interaction with host families and au pairs. A multlingual staff of au pairing experts handles customer inquiries in five languages during regular business hours five days per week. Customer support figures:

  • 220 customer requests answered per day
  • 7,400 user requests answered personally by AuPairWorld staff per month
Volume of use 

At any given moment, 25,000 to 30,000 au pairs and 8,000 to 11,000 host families are actively searching at AuPairWorld with the aim of arranging an au pair placement.

Working with these resources, AuPairWorld is having a transformative effect on the au pair placement sector as more and more young persons interested in becoming au pairs and families looking for culturally enriching childcare options make use of its services. AuPairWorld aims to do all it can to open up the unique win-win benefits of the au pair experience to more and more people around the world. 

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