Facts and figures: The 2014 fiscal year in review

Growth was strong in nearly all of AuPairWorld's user groups and markets. The graphs and tables below give a detailed overview of the developments in AuPairWorld's two main user groups of au pairs and host families.

Overall development

Total accepted registrations for au pairs and host families exceeded 400,000 for the first time in 2014. For the two groups there were 404,080 newly registered users, making for a fifth year of double digit growth (10%) for AuPairWorld. See below for more detailed information about au pair and host family developments.

Au pairs

Following 2013, a year of unprecedented 45% growth in accepted au pair registrations, the 2014 increase of 9% is seen as healthy ongoing expansion in the au pair user group.

Line graph showing total accepted au pair registrations at AuPairWorld 2011-2014


All national markets participated in a general upward trend with the exception of Germany and the Czech Republic, where there were slight declines in au pair registrations. The 58% upsurge in au pair registrations from the USA (to a total of 19,570) is an interesting development, as is the 31% increase in registrations from Canadian au pairs (to a total of 9,880). It seems that young people in both North American countries are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of developing intercultural and second language competence and the significant contribution au pairing can make in acquiring such skills. Italy also experienced strong growth in 2014 with a 16% increase in accepted au pair registrations to a total of 33,090.

Bar graph showing au pair registrations by country at AuPairWorld 2011-2014

Host families

Growth in host family registrations in 2013 was also unusually high at 33%. The 2014 growth rate of 16% to a total of 87,680 following such a strong year in 2013 is seen as a favorable development, indicating the continuing upward potential in the European market. The conversion rate of host family registrations to Premium Memberships remained at an acceptable level of 85%, down 2% from the 87% level in 2013. The overall increase in purchased Premium Memberships from 65,685 in 2013 to 74,805 in 2014 (for a growth rate of just under 14%) represents a good result.

Line graph showing total accepted host family registrations at AuPairWorld 2011-2014

All national markets contributed to the overall 16% rate of growth in registrations with the exception of Switzerland and the Netherlands, where the development was basically flat. Continued strong host family registration growth in English-speaking countries, which remain very popular destinations among au pairs, was a positive development. Host family registrations increased in Great Britain by 26% to 17,530, in Ireland by 15% to 7,020, and in Australia by 28% to 7,670. Italy and Spain also showed above average increases at 17% and 19%, respectively.

Bar graph showing host family registrations by country at AuPairWorld 2011-2014

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