Company trip to Dublin

Kassel/Dublin (September 2017). AuPairWorld meets with host families and au pairs

Collage from the trip to Dublin

In the course of a company trip to Dublin at the beginning of September, 24 employees of AuPairWorld were able to gather much valuable information about the Irish au pairing market. A particularly important source of information was the intensive interaction with customers that took place at two events organised by AuPairWorld for au pairs and host families.

On Saturday September 2, AuPairWorld invited approximately 40 au pairs to take part in a Dublin city tour followed by a light lunch. The au pairs were accompanied on the tour by AuPairWorld employees who received a great deal of useful input from the au pairs relevant to their user support tasks at the company. "Ireland is an important market for us and Dublin is a popular city for au pairs from around the world," remarked Ann-Kristin Cohrs, managing director of AuPairWorld. "Our invitation to take part in a city tour was very well received. The au pairs had the chance not only to learn something about the city but also to get to know each other and to make new contacts."

While the city tour was taking place, AuPairWorld also invited several Irish host families and their children to a breakfast meeting at the Gibson Hotel. This was also an occasion for AuPairWorld to find out directly about the wishes, needs and concerns of its customers. "We spent a very pleasant and interesting morning with our host families with very intensive talks," reported Cohrs. "This direct exchange with customers is a great experience for both sides, and of course provides us as a company with important insights on how we can improve our services to better meet the needs of our customers."