More and more au pairs wish to go to Germany

Kassel (July 2012). AuPairWorld publishes figures of the first two quarters of 2012 – Germany continues to be a very popular host country for au pairs.

Au pair in Germany with children

AuPairWorld, the worldwide leading au pair agency on the Internet from Kassel, records an increasing number of host families and au pairs who register on its website. Germany belongs to the top host countries when it comes to registrations. This applies to German host families, as well as to au pairs who wish to go to Germany.

“Au pairing, which includes childcare as well as cultural exchange, is still very popular in Germany”, Uwe Regenbogen discloses. He is the CEO of a.n.d, the operating company of AuPairWorld. A comparison between figures of the first two quarters of 2011 and 2012 reveals a plus of six per cent in the number of registered host families from Germany. At the same time, the number of registered au pairs who wish to go to Germany increased by eleven per cent.

Uwe Regenbogen continues: “For a couple of years, Germany has been one of the most important host countries for au pairs. The number of registered au pairs heading for Germany doubled in the period from 2008 to 2011 alone, reaching 20,700.” According to Uwe Regenbogen, most of the au pairs who are interested in Germany as host country come from Spain, Italy, France, Great Britain and Poland.

The online market leader also registered an increase in overall registrations. In 2011, 162,000 au pairs and 49,000 host families from all over the world registered at AuPairWorld, which at the same time meant a record in registrations compared to the previous years.

About AuPairWorld

AuPairWorld is the worldwide leading au pair agency on the Internet. By using AuPairWorld, users have the opportunity to find their au pair or host family directly and independently. Since its foundation in 1999, more than one million people have registered on its website. AuPairWorld is operated by a.n.d. Internet Services GmbH & Co. KG (a.n.d) located in Kassel, Germany. The company has 25 employees.