Strategic Outlook: Preview 2014

Further strong growth in our user base of au pairs and host families will continue to be a central priority for AuPairWorld in 2014. Current projections indicate that an overall growth target of 15% should be achievable in this business year.

As AuPairWorld continues to grow, a range of efforts will be undertaken to improve the web-based services for users and to optimise processes throughout the AuPairWorld supply chain. Working with the results of a usability study conducted in 2013, a new user-friendly overview of the whole au pair placement process as it occurs through the AuPairWorld website will be introduced to help first-time users orient themselves quickly and easily to the website and its diverse offerings.

Expanded information and communication offerings

Also coming online in 2014 is an enlarged section handling safety and security issues in all aspects of the AuPairWorld experience – searching, partner selection and the au pair placement itself. 2014 will also see the implementation of various enhancements in the inter-user communication modalities provided by the website. Optimisations in the dedicated messaging service within AuPairWorld will go live in the second quarter of 2014, and a new more differentiated presentation of user names in the profile listings has already been implemented in the first months of 2014.

New forms of contact with users and cooperation partners

Expanded interactions with users and cooperation partners inside and outside the virtual environment will also be a priority in 2014. AuPairWorld has recently implemented a new cooperation model with a number of traditional au pair agencies in the Netherlands to meet new Dutch requirements that all au pair placements occur through designated agencies. This model will be evaluated and optimised in the course of 2014. Innovative cooperation models for other specific markets and situations are also under consideration.

What new services will au pairs and host families be needing?

In 2014, the company will also continue its efforts to better understand the evolving needs of AuPairWorld's expanding user base. The core set of services and information provided by the website will of course be maintained. User surveys and other market research will be undertaken to determine what added and optimised services would be most attractive and useful to au pairs and host families.

15 years AuPairWorld: A reason to celebrate!

And finally: AuPairWorld's 15-year anniversary will also be celebrated in 2014. Various activities are planned with different user groups and business partners to mark this significant milestone.