Summer au pair: Spanish families are leading the search

(22 May 2013) For many families, summer can be a time for worries over who will look after their children over the holidays. At the same time, there are many young people wishing to learn a new language and culture while making the most of their summer. Is this not the perfect combination? In Spain it certainly is!

Summer au pair in Spain

Our statistics for Spain have soared! Out of all countries, Spanish families are leaders in the search for summer au pairs. Already, 1,500 Spanish families are currently searching for a summer au pair on AuPairWorld for June, July and August. Additionally, Spain occupies third place in the list of most popular countries for our summer au pairs. In short, it is more than likely that Spanish families will be successful in finding their au pair for this summer and vice versa.

Spanish families, maybe an au pair is the help you need!

Have you run out of ideas for finding someone to take care of your children over the summer? Summer camps and other activities are not always enough to fill children’s time around your working schedule? Hosting an au pair may be the solution for you! Besides looking after your children, the au pair will be able to show them a different culture and language.

How can I host a summer au pair?

If you already have a profile on AuPairWorld, you will find your matching au pair for summer in your EasyFind. Good luck! If, on the other hand, it is the first time you have considered hosting an au pair, you can find out here how it works and also read information about an au pair stay in Spain. You can also read other families’ experiences to learn more about hosting an au pair.

Au pairs who want to go to Spain: you've made the right choice.

Would you like to make the most of your summer? Do you want to learn Spanish and at the same time enjoy summer in beautiful weather? You have made the right choice because currently there is one Spanish family for every au pair wishing to go to Spain.

When is the most suitable time to go?

Mid-June, July and August are the months in which Spanish children have their summer school holidays. A lot of families generally go to the beach for a week, but someone needs to take care of their children for the rest of the time. And this task can be very entertaining in a country where good weather and fantastic food are in abundance. Moreover, the vast majority of families live on the coast or in a place with private or public swimming-pools, so you will have plenty of summer activities to enjoy with the kids.

Spain is the perfect destination for summer au pairs!

As au pair, you will have responsibilities including childcare and housework. However, in Spain you will be able to spend your free time enjoying typical habits such as siestas, evening talks and, last but not least, exceptionally good food. Spain is without doubt the perfect destination for au pairs in summer! Make up your mind to go to Spain as an au pair for one, two or three months and find out how there is so much more to Spain than bulls, sevillanas and parties. You won’t regret it! Read more about Spain as a host country and do not forget to take your sunglasses and suncreen with you!

Do you still have doubts about it? Read other au pairs’ experiences and you will look forward to going even more.

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