Italy: Great opportunities for an au pair stay

(10 May 2013) Are you tired of always spending your summer holidays at home and would like to experience another country and culture? Are you busy parents with the summer holidays getting closer and as yet, still no plan for who will look after your children over the holidays? An au pair stay during summer could be the answer to your problems, especially as the chances for an au pair stay during the summer months are particularly good in Italy.  

Sommer Au-pair

Au pairs: Childcare opportunities with that little extra "dolce vita" for the summer

Do you wish to try something new and constructive this summer, possibly abroad? Do you feel like gaining new experiences which allow you to grow on a personal level? If you love to be around children and good food, art and beauty, then Bella Italia is just the country for you! According to our statistics, your opportunities to find a host family in Italy for the summer months are particularly good this year, as there is a balanced ratio between au pairs who wish to work as summer au pairs in Italy and Italian host families who are searching for au pairs for the summer months. Therefore, this is your chance if you wish to closely experience a country full of inspiration for all your senses! So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and enjoy pure Dolce Vita!

The best time of the year for summer au pairs: Summer holidays in Italy

In Italy, every region individually regulates holiday periods and consequently the local school calendar year. School holidays roughly start in early June and end in early September. Even if you need to take your exams in June or September, you still have two months time to gain this great and unique experience. Therefore, you shouldn't miss your chance!

Summer au pair: A great solution for your family management

It is not easy to balance work and family life on a daily basis. Therefore, cultural exchange could present the right solution. Thus, a summer au pair could ease your burden helping you considerably with regard to your family management: On one hand, you would have another person around whom you could count on. On the other hand, the summer au pair placement would allow both of you to learn more about each other's culture in the privacy of your own home!

What happens if you take your au pair with you on your holiday?

You should tell your au pair well in advance, if you intend to take him or her  on your holiday with you, to the sea or mountains for a few days. You both need to think about how you will organise your holidays. Even if your family will have a few days off, your au pair is not supposed to be working more than the regular number of weekly working hours, i.e. regular working hours for au pairs also apply during holidays. You also need to discuss the question of what happens to your au pair's language course. The boy or girl would probably be unable to attend several teaching units. You should also come to an agreement in this regard.

Have you gained your first au pair experience working as a summer au pair? Tell us more about it! Send us an email to: We are looking forward to reading your testimonial. We will also certainly be glad to receive our host families' testimonials!

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